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Folding Toilet Saves Water, Takes Up Less Space

WATER-TOILETToilet water accounts for more than 26 percent of the total household water use in the U.S. — more than showers, faucets or even clothes washers — according to the EPA. Humphreys and Whiteley have proven what many of us may have suspected — sending 6 liters, or about 1.5 gallons down the drain per flush for standard toilets is totally unnecessary.



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Painted vs. Stained Kitchen Cabinets: Help for Deciding

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 7.41.40 AMLearn about durability, looks, cost and more for wooden cabinet finishes to make the right choice for your kitchen

One of the biggest decisions you will make when choosing cabinets is whether they should be painted or stained wood. The choice you make will have a huge bearing on how the cabinets will look and how they will hold up.

I went to two cabinet shops —the larger Canyon Creek Cabinet in Monroe, Washington, and the smaller O.B. Williams custom shop in Seattle — to get expert perspectives on the choices, which don’t end once you’ve settled the stain-versus-paint debate.


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Why You Need a Real Estate Agent To Buy A Home


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Help for Selling Your Home Faster — For More Money

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 7.37.53 AMPrep your home properly before you put it on the market. Learn what tasks are worth the money and the best pros for the jobs

Selling a house is a major undertaking. Where do you begin? First you’ll need to establish a big-picture view of how to prepare it. This ideabook will help you do that, so you can get your home in shape to sell quickly at the best possible price (without breaking your budget).


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What to Know Before Refinishing Your Floors

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 11.27.15 AMLearn costs and other important details about renewing a hardwood floor — and the one mistake you should avoid

After about 20 years, most hardwood floors start showing their age; scratches, dullness and discoloring are the most common signs that the wood is due for refinishing. Fortunately, the typical ¾-inch-thick hardwood floor can be sanded about six to eight times during its lifetime. So unless you live in a particularly old house, or a previous resident was an especially aggressive refinisher, chances are good that your wood floors can be brought back to life.

You need at least 1/32 of an inch of wood on the top of your floors to sand them. If your home has heat registers in the floor, remove a grille and take a sidelong look at the surrounding planks to see if that’s available. If that’s not possible, you can remove a plank from an inconspicuous location (like the inside of a closet) or ask a professional floor refinisher to appraise the situation. You can’t refinish laminated wood floors (such as Pergo); you might be able to refinish an engineered wood floor, depending on the finish and how thick the top layer of wood is.

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Spectacular Seth Navarrete House


The house was built for a young couple. It has a distinctive geometric layout and is neither big, nor small and measures no more than 200 square meters. The residence features two floors. While there are living and dining rooms with a private bathroom on the first floor, the second holds the bedrooms and additional bathrooms as well as walk-in closets. The house is compact as the designers Agraz Arquitectos made use of every inch of free space to provide the most comfortable living experience possible.

Seth-Navarrete-House-2 Seth-Navarrete-House-7 Seth-Navarrete-House-8 Seth-Navarrete-House-1 Seth-Navarrete-House-9 Seth-Navarrete-House-11 Seth-Navarrete-House-13 Seth-Navarrete-House-14 Seth-Navarrete-House-16

Repainting Your Home: A Valuable Investment


The Dreaded California Road Trip