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8 Great Ways to Light Up Stairs

Illuminated handrails, hidden LEDs and linear step lights are among the best ways to stylishly light up your stairs Chandeliers and grand staircases go together like wine and cheese, but the menu of ways to illuminate stairs has expanded dramatically in recent years. Designers now apply multilayered … [Read More...]

How long do homeowners stay in their homes?

Owners typically stay fewer years in their homes in metro areas with a high concentration of new residents, a NAR analysis shows. As of 2018, the median duration of homeownership in the U.S. is 13 years1. Compared to previous years, homeowners opt to spend more time holding onto their residences. Median tenure … [Read More...]

How to Organize Your Specialty Kitchen Storage Areas

After organizing your everyday items, plan specialized stations to make kitchen work easier In Part 1 of this series on organizing your kitchen, I offered 10 steps to organizing your kitchen cabinets, putting the focus on everyday dishes and glassware, barware, and vases and pitchers. If you followed … [Read More...]

10 Statement-Making Vanity Mirrors for Your Bathroom

Consider these mirror styles that can take your powder room or bath from standard to sublime Many vanity mirrors and medicine cabinets offer a variety of features such as built-in storage, fog resistance and integrated lighting, but if you’re looking for a mirror to make a dramatic statement in your … [Read More...]

15 Amazing Aromatherapy Scents

Scents can heal you! Are you taking advantage of the medicinal properties of aromatic essential oils? Here’s everything you need to know about it. … [Read More...]

Hacks To Make Your Fav Jeans Last Forever

Finding a good pair of jeans is much like finding the perfect romantic partner: it can take years of searching, cause floods of tears, and the last thing you want to do is let them slip away once you’ve found them. While love might remain as elusive as ever, there are a few tips you can try to make sure your jeans … [Read More...]

9 Productivity Mistakes

Are you craving your bed even though it’s barely 10 AM? It’s likely you’re committing these 9 mistakes that will definitely put a damper on your workday. … [Read More...]

13 Alternatives to Plain Wood Floors in the Kitchen

Graphic patterns, surprising transitions and unexpected materials make these kitchen floors stand out Wood flooring laid in a straight pattern can be a beautiful option for a kitchen and continues to be popular in photos we see uploaded to Houzz. But what if you want a kitchen floor that’s a bit more … [Read More...]

The Reasons So Many People Are Becoming Vegetarians

People are switching to vegetarian and vegan diets in increasing numbers around the world. Whether it’s concerns about climate change, worries about animal welfare, or an attempt to find a healthier diet, many people are moving away from meat-based diets. Here are some important statistics about vegetarianism that … [Read More...]

How Much Would It Cost To Be Santa?

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