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Why a Sofa Makes a Room and How to Find the One for You

With TV and movie season ramping up and cozy weather coming, here’s what to consider as you pick your perfect couch Football season kicks into high gear, your favorite shows return for fall sweeps, and chilly weather takes your cocktail party from the patio to the family room. It’s the humble sofa’s time to … [Read More...]

The Growth of Social Media

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7 Tech Jobs That Didn’t Exist 20 Years Ago

As technology advances, so does the job market. More than 700,000 jobs are expected to come from positions for digital analytics managers alone. Technology eliminates some jobs, but it opens doors to newly-created jobs in various industries. … [Read More...]

10 Most Impressive Civil Engineering Wonders Of The World

Civil engineering sounds so simple when someone else does it. So, you designed a bridge, big deal. If you think this way, that may be the biggest misconception of your life. … [Read More...]

Home Renovation Pros Paint a Bright Picture for the Rest of 2018

The Houzz Renovation Barometer for fourth quarter 2018 shows that wait times to work with a building firm have dropped New data just out on the residential remodeling industry paints a rosy picture for firms in the industry. Firms expect business activity to rise during the final three months of 2018, the data … [Read More...]

10 Smart and Stylish Home Offices

These spaces combine good looks with hardworking design features There are stylish home offices and there are practical home offices. But a home office that’s stylish and practical? That’s a winning combination, and these 10 home offices hit the mark. See how the designers, architects and builders who helped … [Read More...]

10 DIY carpet stain removal hacks for every type of spill

source: : https://www.yourbestdigs.com/reviews/best-carpet-stain-remover … [Read More...]

Buying a Home is Cheaper than Renting

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This short documentary follows the preparation and performance of Activating Memory by the Paramusical Ensemble comprising of four severely motor-impaired patients and a string quartet at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, London, on 17 July 2015. … [Read More...]

20 Tips For Preparing Your House For Sale This Fall

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