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bathroom style

Design Tips to Energize Your Bathroom

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17 Clever Staircases With Storage Built In

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summer house

15 Ways to Get Your Home in a Summer Mood

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Foreclosure Rate Drops to New Post-Crisis Low [INFOGRAPHIC]

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A beginner’s guide to interior design & decorating [infographic]

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dont flush

Things you should — and should NOT — flush [video]

Human waste should be disposed of in the toilet. Toilet paper, too, unless otherwise directed. … [Read More...]

paint colors

The Right Way to Test Paint Colors

Love rich colors? Some hues need a special ingredient to come out right. Plus: See what 5 pros say … [Read More...]

cleaning thumb

A Cleaning Routine for Your First Home

With basic supplies and room-by-room checklists, you can get into the housekeeping habit Moving … [Read More...]

kitchen prep

8 Ways to Prep a Kitchen Resale

Some key updates to your kitchen will help you sell your house. Here’s what you need to know It may … [Read More...]