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See With Your Ears: Spielberg And Sound Design

A look at how sound design can structure a movie scene. … [Read More...]

The history of coffee in 6.5 minutes

Americans are crazy for coffee. That’s not the origin of java. This video goes back to the very first cup of coffee ever brewed and sipped, and then it traces the spread of coffee around the world. … [Read More...]

Homeownership: The Dream is Still Alive

A story in the Wall Street Journal gave these new homeownership numbers some context: “The annual increase marks a crucial turning point because it comes after the federal government reined in bubble-era policies that encouraged banks to ease lending standards to boost homeownership. This time, what’s driving the … [Read More...]

7 Techniques To Remember Anything

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Why Do Notes Have Names?

Note names are weird. Depending on where you studied, you probably refer to notes either with letters or a series of arbitrary-seeming nonsense syllables, but, like, why? Where does that come from, and why do we still use it? Well, I decided to look into it with the help of my friend Mark from The Endless Knot, … [Read More...]

Countdown to the Best Tech of CES 2018

Many products featured at CES this year hold serious potential to shake up the real estate market. Here's a look at some that technology. … [Read More...]

Housing Market Starts 2018 on Positive Note

Contract signings on home sales rose slightly in December, reaching their highest level since last March, the National Association of REALTORS® reported Wednesday. NAR’s Pending Home Sales Index, a forward-looking indicator based on contract signings, moved 0.5 percent higher to a reading of 110.1 last month, 0.5 … [Read More...]

Drone video: Expanding cracks, slow-moving landslide on Rattlesnake Ridge

Two hours southeast of Seattle along Interstate 82, drivers will find the Rattlesnake Hills – with a fissure in the ridge so big it can be seen from the road on a clear day. With the daunting crevice comes a slow-moving, 20-acre landslide that has gradually inched downward on Rattlesnake Ridge near Yakima for … [Read More...]

7 Ways to Create Open Pantry Space

Use these strategies to give the cook in your kitchen easy access to supplies In my opinion, one of the most contentious kitchen design ideas in recent years has to be open shelving. Some people love the way open shelves break up the wall and showcase pottery, art or a nice set of dishes. Others detest the extra … [Read More...]

No Time for a Whole House Declutter? Try These 6 Ideas Instead

Make a fresh start by tackling a few tasks that will revitalize your home and your spirits January can inspire a lot of energy and goal-setting — sometimes, with goals that can be difficult to accomplish, given our schedules. Many of us, for instance, don’t feel we have the time to tackle a whole house … [Read More...]