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7 Visual Trends Set to Dominate in 2023

Looking to update your visual content approach in 2023? This might help - the team from Depositphotos have put together a new overview of the key visual trends that they think will gain big traction throughout the year, which could give you some guidance on where you should be looking, in … [Read More...]

Design Trends for 2023

Looking for ways to make your visuals stand out in 2023? This could help – the team from Venngage have put together a new overview of key visual trends in infographics, and how you could look to present your data in the new year. The trend notes incorporate several key design updates that you’ve … [Read More...]

How to Boost Your Digital Marketing ROI

tacks of coins sprouting leaves at their tops. Another brilliant post from contributor Mary Aspen Richardson A good Return On Investment (ROI) is what we all hope for, in marketing or otherwise, but it doesn’t come easy. Whether you’re a new or seasoned marketer, challenges abound. As digital marketing … [Read More...]

The Importance Versus Annoyance of Two-Factor Authentication

Do you use two-factor authentication, or some other form of advanced password protection for your social media accounts? Have you ever been locked out of your account due to advanced protection measures? Two- or multi-factor authentication adds an additional level of friction to the log-in process, which can … [Read More...]

The Psychology of Color in Marketing [Infographic]

Your brand, and how it’s utilized in your marketing, must be done in a careful and thoughtful manner, and the colors that you use to represent your brand and products are very much a part of this consideration. Different colors trigger different psychological responses, and smart use of color can have a big impact … [Read More...]

 The 45-Minutes Instagram Engagement Plan

Are you struggling to dedicate the time required to maximize your Instagram engagement? Want to learn how to achieve social media success in just 45 minutes per day? The team from The Social Momma share their Instagram engagement strategy in this infographic. … [Read More...]

Hobby Ideas for Music Lovers and How to Get Started

Photo via Pexels Are you looking for a new hobby? If you have a particular fondness for music, consider building your new hobby around a music-related activity. You could learn an instrument, start a music blog, or teach yourself how to record and produce music. You never know, your hobby might even turn into a … [Read More...]

Twitter Shares Insights into Music Engagement Trends

Music is a key cultural driver, and as such, it can also be a prominent vehicle for trends, memes, communities, and other engagement. This means that it should also be on the radar of marketers looking for new opportunities to expand their reach on social platforms - and Twitter is a key medium for tapping into … [Read More...]

A Guide for Creating Instagram Reels

Here are the video specs, tools and Reels core features that any creator can use as a reference or learning guide for creating Instagram Reels. source: SocialMediaToday … [Read More...]

The Internet Every Minute (2022 Version)

It’s amazing to consider the amount of connected activity these days, as we become increasingly reliant on the internet for social connection, entertainment, work, shopping, etc. That’s become even more evident in recent years, with the pandemic sparking a new shift to working from home, which means that, … [Read More...]