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Hidden in Plain Sight: 10 Cleverly Closeted Home Spaces

Tuck your home office, wine collection or even your entire kitchen behind closed doors for all of … [Read More...]


Existing Home Sales Report

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Get Turned On to a Lighting Plan

Coordinate your layers of lighting to help each one of your rooms look its best and work well for … [Read More...]

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Kitchen of the Week: Industrial Design’s Softer Side

Dark gray cabinets and stainless steel mix with warm oak accents in a bright, family-friendly London … [Read More...]

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10 Recipes for Shabby Chic Style

Rustic furniture, floral fabrics, sparkling chandeliers. Here are 10 easy ways to bring the romantic … [Read More...]


National Foreclosure Inventory [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Staircase is Like an Indoor Frozen Waterfall

This cascading set of stairs in a Mumbai home is a perfectly executed example of architecture that … [Read More...]

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Folding Designs Make the Most of Your Space

Look to furniture and doors that fold to increase usable living space without crimping your … [Read More...]

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Who Says a Dining Room Has to Be a Dining Room?

Chucking the builder’s floor plan, a family reassigns rooms to work better for their needs Cathy … [Read More...]