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How to Use Full-Scale Decor to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger

With a less-is-more approach, even oversize furnishings can help a compact area seem roomier In … [Read More...]

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35 Interesting Facts About Coffee [infographic]

Drinking coffee in the morning is an ongoing ritual in my home. A hot cup of coffee with a pastry is … [Read More...]

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Medicine Cabinets: Should You Get a Recessed or Wall-Mounted Style?

Here’s what you need to know to pick the right medicine cabinet and get it installed More than a … [Read More...]

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The Pianogram

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Top Ten Christmas Life Hacks

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Holiday Decorating Safety

The 12 Days of Safety

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How Shazam Predicts the Next Pop Hit

PBS NewsHour anchor Judy Woodruff and Atlantic editor Derek Thompson explore how data shapes the … [Read More...]

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Bathroom Workbook: Layer on the Texture for High Bath Style

Make even a modern bath warm and welcoming with these 11 ideas for adding texture I once read that … [Read More...]

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How to Give Neutral Paint Colors a Subtle Jolt

Don’t compete with your neutral hues — complement them! I have to admit: As much as I love big, … [Read More...]