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A guide to pet-proofing your home [infographic]

Your pet is a beloved part of your household, so just as the house gets turned upside down with a … [Read More...]


22 Spectacular Stairs Make Climbing To The Second Floor More Fun

We featured spiral staircase photography that already proved that even something as mundane as … [Read More...]

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A Home Designed to Make Work a Pleasure

A house built for working, cooking, gardening and entertaining opens to the landscape while offering … [Read More...]

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Sound Advice for Designing a Home Music Studio

How to unleash your inner guitar hero without antagonizing the neighbors Most musicians will admit … [Read More...]

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What Is Organic Architecture, Anyway?

Practitioners of organic architecture seek to connect houses more closely with their natural … [Read More...]

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12 Ways to Get a Luxe Bathroom Look for Less

Your budget bathroom can have a high-end feel with these tricks for choosing tile, stone, furniture … [Read More...]

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8 Ways to Get a Handle on the Junk Drawer

Don’t sweat the small stuff — give it a few drawers of its own, sorted by type or task Junk drawers … [Read More...]


Cost of borrowing across time

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A Walnut Wall of Storage Opens Up a Kitchen

A 30-foot wall of storage frees up cooking areas and counters for food prep and … [Read More...]