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How To Wake Up Early Based on Science

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Healthy Home Tips for Cold and Flu Season

Put these 10 home habits into practice now and stand a better chance of avoiding a nasty bug this year Coming down with a bad cold or the flu is dreadful. And for pregnant women, people with certain chronic medical conditions, children under 5 and people over 65, the flu can even lead to potentially dangerous … [Read More...]

15 Smart Ideas From Beautifully Organized Pantries

See shelf, bin, drawer and lighting setups that can help keep your food items and supplies in good order The pantry is the workhorse of the kitchen. It helps you when you need to get dinner (or breakfast or lunch) on the table and keeps ingredients fresh and cool. But like all hardworking spaces, it can get a … [Read More...]


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Visual Guide To Child Proofing

The measures will differ depending on the child’s age. For instance, you need to know that soft bedding in your infant’s crib is relatively dangerous because it can cause suffocation. Also, keep in mind that stairs can cause a lot of problems for both toddlers and preschoolers. As your kids grow up, you’ll also … [Read More...]

101 Facts About Instagram

Instagram's come a long way from its roots as, effectively, an online photo album. The app was first launched on iOS in 2010 and was subsequently purchased by Facebook in 2012 for what, at the time, was seen by many as a crazy high price of $1 billion. At last check, Instagram, which now has over a billion … [Read More...]

Which Musical Instrument Should I Play?

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How to Light Your Living Room

Add these 5 layers of lighting to create a bright, functional and stylish living room When I was growing up, my childhood living room was strictly off-limits to kids and reserved for my parents and their friends. In my current home, however, we do quite a bit of living in our living room. Therefore, having a … [Read More...]

How to Paint Your Front Door, From Start to Finish

Learn what you need to know about this weekend project, such as the best paint to use and the right time to do it Maybe you want to give your home’s exterior a color makeover. Or you’re ready to paint the front door that bold color you’ve been eyeing. Perhaps it’s time to refresh paint that has faded over time. … [Read More...]

Determining Your Learning Style

Find out what learning style serves you and use it to your advantage to learn new skills efficiently.  Your learning style is your approach to learning based on your preferences, as well as strengths and weaknesses. Establish your style by following this flowchart, then develop better ways to absorb information. … [Read More...]