12 Inspiring Ways to Decorate a Mantelpiece

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 7.54.05 AMRustic, minimalist, gloriously cluttered … there’s a mantelpiece style to suit every room and fireplace

The mantelpiece is an integral part of all but the most contemporary fireplaces, and for centuries we have been using this built-in shelf as a place to show off treasured items. In the past a clock in the middle flanked by porcelain dogs or matching candlesticks might have been the extent of the styling, but today we are free to follow our mantelpiece muse and get creative. These 12 stylish approaches show just how much fun can be had by pepping up your fireplace and making over your mantel.

Luxury Mountain Chalet Offers Striking Panoramic Views in Whistler, Canada

design-modern-residenceLakecrest Residence is an imposing mountain chalet in Whistler, Canada perched atop a rocky cliff in a lakeside neighborhood of Whistler, Canada. As you probably guessed, this is one of those homes that takes in its vibrant natural landscape. The creative team at a|k|a Architecture + Design left nothing to chance: large glass windows, Brazilian cherry wide plank hardwood floors, maple millwork and native sandstone are brought together in a captivating palette of materials and finishes. All these properly “reflect” the majestic environment.
modern-residence-21 modern-residence-7 modern-residence-8 modern-residence-9 modern-residence-10 modern-residence-11 modern-residence-12 modern-residence-13 modern-residence-14 modern-residence-15 modern-residence-16 modern-residence-17 modern-residence-18 modern-residence-19 modern-residence-20 architecture-modern-residence exterior-modern-house1 modern-residence-4 modern-residence-5


A Snapshot of Mortgages [INFOGRAPHIC]




10 Steps to Pulling Together Your Living Room Before the Holidays

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 8.16.39 AMBoost comfort, flow and visual appeal in your main entertaining room to make guests feel more welcome

Planning to entertain over the holidays this year? While some things (like putting up holiday decor) can wait until much later in the season, if your main entertaining space isn’t feeling the way you’d like it to, now is the time to get started. From cocktail party mingling to Christmas morning around the tree, the living room is where your guests will likely be spending the most time — work your way through these 10 steps and enjoy a more welcoming, put-together space by party time.

5 Latest Stats to Gauge Heat of the Market

From the National Association of Realtors:

For the second consecutive month, existing-home sales were on the rise in October, now above year-over-year levels for the first time in 12 months, according to the National Association of REALTORS®’ latest housing report.

Existing-home sales rose 1.5 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.26 million in October. Sales now are at their highest annual pace since September 2013.

“Buyers continue to be encouraged by interest rates at lows not seen since last summer, improving levels of inventory, and stabilizing price growth,” says Lawrence Yun, NAR’s chief economist. “Furthermore, the job market has shown continued strength in the past six months. This bodes well for solid demand to close out the year and the likelihood of additional months of year-over-year sales increases.”

Read the entire article here.


Epic Los Angeles Pad

This home in Los Angeles is worth $13 million and with stunning views of the city and the Pacific Ocean. a_luxury_bachelor_pad_fit_for_a_king_640_14 a_luxury_bachelor_pad_fit_for_a_king_640_15 a_luxury_bachelor_pad_fit_for_a_king_640_16 a_luxury_bachelor_pad_fit_for_a_king_640_02 a_luxury_bachelor_pad_fit_for_a_king_640_09 a_luxury_bachelor_pad_fit_for_a_king_640_10 a_luxury_bachelor_pad_fit_for_a_king_640_11 a_luxury_bachelor_pad_fit_for_a_king_640_12 a_luxury_bachelor_pad_fit_for_a_king_640_13

9 Daring Colors for Your Front Door

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 8.14.31 AMStand out from the neighbors with a touch of neon green or a punch of hot pink

I’m a firm believer that you can paint your front door just about any color you like and make it work. It’s all a matter of coordinating the door color with your home’s architecture and the other colors and materials on the house. When I work with design clients to select exterior color palettes, I often tell them a good starting point is to select a front door color they love or pick their main siding color first.

All too often we get confused and overwhelmed trying to nail down a complete color palette all at once and end up feeling unenthused about the individual colors selected. But if you start with, say, a fantastic front door color, and then select the other materials and hues to support this choice, you may have an easier go of it. To help inspire you, I’ve gathered examples of unusual front door colors and developed sample paint palettes you can try out on your own home.

15 Eye Catching Homes Made From Shipping Containers

Kalkin’s-Shipping-Container-Homes-1For the last 50 years people’s way of living had evolved, living these days mean a lot more that just having shelter, food and clothing. People want to live in a more diverse houses that suits their needs like a huge houses with luxurious style, or a house in a majestic place. But some people have their crazy and innovative idea and that is to live in a container. Yes! A shipping container, those used to transport large amounts of goods and are often stocked in sea ports. From a wide imagination and resourcefulness, shipping containers are transformed into cheap, reliable and one of a kind exquisite homes. Take a look at these 15 eye catching homes made from shipping containers.

Painted-Shipping-Containers-2 Painted-Shipping-Containers-3 Painted-Shipping-Containers-4 Painted-Shipping-Containers-6 Container-House-in-Mojave-Desert-8 Painted-Shipping-Containers-1 Redondo-Beach-home-1 Redondo-Beach-home-2 Redondo-Beach-home-3 Shipping-container-architecture-1 Shipping-container-architecture-2 Shipping-container-architecture-3 Shipping-container-architecture-4 Shipping-Container-Conversion-by-building-Lab-Inc-1 Shipping-Container-Conversion-by-building-Lab-Inc-2 Shipping-Container-Conversion-by-building-Lab-Inc-4 Shipping-Container-Conversion-by-building-Lab-Inc-5 Shipping-Container-Conversion-by-building-Lab-Inc-6 Shipping-Container-Conversion-by-building-Lab-Inc-7 Shipping-Container-Conversion-by-building-Lab-Inc-8 Shipping-Container-House-in-El-Tiemblo-1 Shipping-Container-House-in-El-Tiemblo-2 Shipping-Container-House-in-El-Tiemblo-3 Shipping-Container-House-in-El-Tiemblo-4 Shipping-Container-House-in-El-Tiemblo-5 Shipping-Container-House-in-El-Tiemblo-7 Spacious-Prefab-House-1 Spacious-Prefab-House-2 Spacious-Prefab-House-3 Container-House-in-Mojave-Desert-1 Container-House-in-Mojave-Desert-2 Container-House-in-Mojave-Desert-3 Container-House-in-Mojave-Desert-4 Container-House-in-Mojave-Desert-5 Container-House-in-Mojave-Desert-6 Container-House-in-Mojave-Desert-7 Coromandel-Beach-House-03-1-Kind-Design Coromandel-Beach-House-05-1-Kind-Design Coromandel-Beach-House-07-1-Kind-Design Coromandel-Beach-House-09-1-Kind-Design Coromandel-Beach-House-14-1-Kind-Design Maison-Container-by-Patrick-Partouche-1 Maison-Container-by-Patrick-Partouche-2 Maison-Container-by-Patrick-Partouche-4 Maison-Container-by-Patrick-Partouche-6 Maison-Container-by-Patrick-Partouche-7 Maison-Container-by-Patrick-Partouche-8 Maison-Container-by-Patrick-Partouche-9 New-Zealand-beach-1 New-Zealand-beach-2 Containers-of-Hope-3 Containers-of-Hope-7 Containers-of-Hope-9 Eco-Friendly-Crossbox-House-by-CG-Architectes-1 Eco-Friendly-Crossbox-House-by-CG-Architectes-2 Eco-Friendly-Crossbox-House-by-CG-Architectes-3 Eco-Friendly-Crossbox-House-by-CG-Architectes-4 first-shipping-container-home-in-Colorado-1 forsale forsale forsale Five-Shipping-Containers-Into-a-Cozy-Modern-Home-1 Five-Shipping-Containers-Into-a-Cozy-Modern-Home-2 Five-Shipping-Containers-Into-a-Cozy-Modern-Home-3 Five-Shipping-Containers-Into-a-Cozy-Modern-Home-4 Five-Shipping-Containers-Into-a-Cozy-Modern-Home-5 Five-Shipping-Containers-Into-a-Cozy-Modern-Home-6 Five-Shipping-Containers-Into-a-Cozy-Modern-Home-7 Five-Shipping-Containers-Into-a-Cozy-Modern-Home-8 Five-Shipping-Containers-Into-a-Cozy-Modern-Home-9 Five-Shipping-Containers-Into-a-Cozy-Modern-Home-10 Kalkin’s-Shipping-Container-Homes-1 Kalkin’s-Shipping-Container-Homes-2 Kalkin’s-Shipping-Container-Homes-3 Kalkin’s-Shipping-Container-Homes-4 Kalkin’s-Shipping-Container-Homes-5 Shipping-Container-Guest-House-2 Shipping-Container-Guest-House-3 Shipping-Container-Guest-House-4 Shipping-Container-Guest-House-5 Shipping-Container-Guest-House-7 Shipping-Container-Guest-House Containers-of-Hope-1 Containers-of-Hope-2 Containers-of-Hope-4 Containers-of-Hope-5 Containers-of-Hope-6