What Makes Things Cool?

Although trends might seem completely random, there are well-documented patterns to what becomes popular. A 20th century industrial designer, who created some of America’s most iconic looks, developed a theory of coolness that has been backed up by various scientific studies. Derek Thompson, senior editor at The Atlantic, explains the science behind why we like what we like.

The moving sofa problem––one of geometry’s great puzzles

sofaHave you ever had to move a sofa into a small room? Then you might be familiar with the moving sofa problem, at least in general. Take a look at the more complex version.

Star Trails Over Oregon

Starry skies swirl and reel above Oregon. Each frame is an independent star trail photograph, and most of these clips represent an entire night of shooting somewhere across the state of Oregon. In a few clips, motion control panning leads to otherworldly patterns. No artificial effects; just stacking. Only one DSLR shutter was blown to make this film.

Film by Tyler Hulett: discoveroregon.org/

10 Decluttering Projects You Can Do in 30 Minutes or Less

Don’t stress about the mess — just take one countertop or bookcase at a time

Facing a cluttered space can feel disheartening — who has the time (or frankly, the desire) to spend all day clearing clutter? But the thing is, making progress toward a clean, clutter-free space doesn’t have to be something you devote an entire day to. Instead, by carving out bite-size chunks of time to work on clearly defined tasks, you can get the serene space you deserve in a way that also works with your schedule. Here are 10 quick ways to get started.

Whistle While You Work: How Music Helps Productivity

Have you ever met someone who needs absolute silence to concentrate? Maybe you’re that person yourself. It turns out that having music playing while you work can actually make you more productive.

A staggering 90% of workers perform better when listening to music, and 61% of employees listen to music at work to make them happier and more productive.

Additionally, music can have an impact on our spending habits. 4 in 10 business owners believe playing music increases sales.

Music is processed in the auditory cortex and stimulates memories from the hippocampus of the brain. Additionally, it activates the motor cortex, which is what makes you tap your foot or shake your shoulders to a song.

Music also releases dopamine in the reward center of the brain (the same chemical released when you eat your favorite food). That’s why you feel better when you hear a tune you love.

If you’re trying to figure out what Pandora station to listen to, it depends on what you’re doing. Ambient music is great for data entry, while dance music can help you proofread. If your work requires you to focus, it’s best to listen to familiar songs.

10 Weird and Wonderful Facts About Canada

Canada is famed for its awesome scenery: glistening lakes, snow-capped mountains, and national parks full of waterfalls and wildlife.

Beyond the beauty, you’ll find a more playful side to the country that’s every achaten-suisse.com bit as captivating. Canadian culture is characterized by quirky cuisine, quaint traditions, and some of the politest people you could ever hope to meet.

Below, we’ve illustrated 10 fun facts about Canada that get to the heart of why this country is so great.

Clever Use for Lemons

No bag of lemons will ever go to waste again after you know all the ways they can be used around the house.

Get an all-natural edge in your cleaning, gardening, beauty, and cooking routines, thanks to this one, little, yellow fruit that really packs a punch.


10 jobs that won’t exist in 20 years

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Flight of the Bumblebee played on trombone

bumblebeeFlight of the Bumblebee is a ridiculously fast piece of music, best played on instruments suited to such speed. Some do not believe the trombone is such an instrument, but Staff Sergeant Carmen Russo pulls it off with The U.S. Army Field Band, Major Scott McKenzie conducting. The Trombone Meets The Bumblebee is an original Army Field Band arrangement https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/viagra-ou-cialis/ by Master Sergeant Jay Norris, drawing from Rimsky-Korsakov’s Flight of the Bumblebee and themes from Bizet’s Carmen.

Celebrity Homes You Can Visit

Ever wondered what it would be like to live as a celebrity? What better way to do this than to visit the former homes of some of the most iconic names in history? Whether you’re a massive music fan, history buff or art enthusiast there’s something to discover. Our unique, virtual round the world tour of celebrity homes will definitely pique your interest. These homes keep the memory of some of the world’s greatest artists, musicians and historical figures alive. Some are grand and imposing whilst others are much more humble. They all give you a genuine insight into what the life of that particular celebrity was like.

If a trip to London is on the cards, why not check out Jimi Hendrix’ psychedelic pad? Or if Amsterdam is more your style, take in a trip to the biographical museum dedicated to wartime diarist Anne Frank. Many of the homes are world-renowned. Visiting them can become a pilgrimage, especially when it der babyatlas comes to the likes of Graceland, the former home of Elvis Presley.

So, take a trip around the world using our interactive guide and discover a plethora of homes. From primitive to palatial and everything in between, you’ll see things you never knew were there to see.

source: vibrantdoors.co.uk