Medicine Cabinets: Should You Get a Recessed or Wall-Mounted Style?

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 8.17.45 AMHere’s what you need to know to pick the right medicine cabinet and get it installed

More than a storage place for aspirin and toothpaste, a medicine cabinet greets our reflection in the morning and ushers us to bed at nighttime. It’s the go-to for most of our everyday needs and a must in the bathroom.

Despite medicine cabinets’ utilitarian function, selecting one may not be as straightforward as you might think. Recessed cabinets look great but might require more work than you bargained for. Wall-mounted options are easier to install but can take up much-valued space. Here’s help for figuring out which approach and style are right for your bathroom.

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Bathroom Workbook: Layer on the Texture for High Bath Style

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 12.03.39 PMMake even a modern bath warm and welcoming with these 11 ideas for adding texture

I once read that the average American spends almost three full years of his or her life in the bathroom. If that’s true, perhaps we should consider making this space a little more worthy of our time. Bathrooms can often be sterile and cold, with slick and shiny surfaces. But just as with any other room in your home, adding texture to your bathroom can make it vibrant and welcoming. With gorgeous natural stones, plumbing fittings with intricate details and textural linens, wall treatments and more, there are endless ways to give your bathroom depth and personality. But beware: If you get inspired by the stylish little spaces below, you may find yourself spending a few more years in the bathroom.

How to Give Neutral Paint Colors a Subtle Jolt

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 7.48.09 AMDon’t compete with your neutral hues — complement them!

I have to admit: As much as I love big, bold color, I like it best when it is used with restraint — and used strategically. After all, a little bold color goes a long way, and it’s all too easy to go from “wow!” to “ouch.” For the color-shy out there who are looking to spice up their neutral interiors but want to steer clear of anything too intense, here’s how to add small to moderate splashes of vivacious hues to a mostly neutral interior palette.

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Color Guide: How to Work With Chartreuse

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 7.50.03 AMAs earthy or electric as you please, this yellow-green hue brings the zing or just freshness to homes from traditional to modern

It’s a vivid, electric color. Happy, even. It’s the inside of a perfect avocado, a bed of Scotch moss or the belly of a lovebird. Chartreuse is halfway between green and yellow — a yellowish green, a greenish yellow. But the spectrum within this color ranges from bright lime to light sulphur.

In its lighter, softer form chartreuse makes a great wall color for earthy, nature-inspired rooms. In its boldest, brightest form it is as eye catching as neon.

Chartreuse can be both earthy and electric. It looks wonderful with reds, oranges and blues, especially turquoise and cobalt. Bright chartreuse is a perfect foil for charcoal gray (think lichen on stone) and in modern design is often used as a pop against muted neutrals. It looks crisp and spring-y with bright white and vivid with purple.

It’s very popular in modern design, but chartreuse can span the eras and does not need to be used sparingly. Go ahead and put it all over; it can take it. Do you want a baroque entryway with chartreuse walls and crystal chandeliers? Go for it.

As these photos show, chartreuse may be bold — flashy, even — but it is not limiting. In fact, it’s an all-around great decorating color.