Remodeling Your Kitchen in Stages: Planning and Design

remodel-kitchenWhen breaking up a remodel into phases, being overprepared is key

If you’ve got several cookie jars stuffed full of $100 bills, then executing a full-scale kitchen remodel all at once makes sense. But what about those homeowners whose cookie jars are filled with, well, mostly cookies?

You can still get that beautiful kitchen of your dreams, you just need patience and a well-thought-out game plan that breaks up

your remodel into several stages spread out over time. That way you can save up (fill that cookie jar!) and spend only what you can when you can. Maybe this month it’s painting the cabinets. Maybe later in the year you buy new appliances.

There are plenty of benefits of a phased project, but there are also several pitfalls you want to avoid. This five-part series will help you navigate those stages to a successful remodeled kitchen.


This is part of a report from an International study done by Luxury Portfolio, a subsidiary of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World.

Personal wealth has grown substantially all over the world since the offi cial end of the recession in 2010. The latest statistics from the wealth monitoring at Credit Suisse suggest a rapid growth not only of the wealthy, but also the ultra-wealthy. Consider the statistics, below:

population-doublingThe ranks of the ultra-wealthy, at $50 million or more in net worth, have also soared to new heights. Worldwide there are an estimated 123,838 individuals at this prestigious level, an increase of 53% in just fi ve years. What’s more, half of the world’s ultra-wealthy live in North America, which is adding to the count more than twice as fast as Asia-Pacifi c (58% versus 22% growth 2010–2015) and still faster than Europe (39% growth between 2010–2015). The concentration of wealth continues to remain in the West, despite the strong inroads made by Eastern economies. As more individuals enter into the world of wealth, we decided to take a closer look at the Global Top 1%, or in this case, those with a minimum of USD 3 million in assets (excluding primary residence).

Here’s a link to the entire study.


Average Time to Foreclose Is Getting Shorter

Properties in the third quarter took an average of 625 days to complete a foreclosure, down from 630 days a year ago. It was the first year-over-year decrease since ATTOM Solutions began tracking average foreclosure timelines in the first quarter of 2007.

Nineteen states saw their foreclosure timetables shorten from a year ago, led by Nevada (down 22 percent); Massachusetts (down 22 percent); Michigan (down 21 percent); Oregon (down 20 percent); and Texas (down 20 percent).

Meanwhile, the following states had the shortest foreclosure timelines, as of the third quarter: Virginia (196 days), New Hampshire (230 days), Texas (246 days), Minnesota (250 days), and Mississippi (253 days). All five of these states have non-judicial foreclosure processes.

View this chart of the U.S. to see your state’s average foreclosure timeline as of the third quarter:foreclosure

6 Questions to Answer Before You Install Tile Flooring

flooringConsidering these things before tackling your floors can get you a better result

Gearing up for tile floors? Don’t hammer away just yet. It’s important to plan for every little detail, including what you’re going to do with your baseboards and whether the tile you selected is suitable for children and pets. Make sure you answer these six questions before you get started on your tile installation.

6 Questions to Answer

Before You Install Tile Flooring

8 Ways to Make Your Remodel Last

islandA designer shares her tips for renovations that will stand the test of time

With so many styles, products and materials available today, it can be hard to decide which ones will suit you best in the long run. My clients often have a difficult time committing to a design scheme. Since renovation projects involve an investment of time and money, people are afraid of getting it wrong. Although their tastes may change, I’ve found that when my clients follow these eight tips, they’re more likely to enjoy their renovation over a longer period of time.

Why Airbnb May Be Illegal

screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-8-33-33-amI’m not taking a stand on Airbnb, but this video is entertaining while also educational. As it turns out, there are lots of reasons renting out your place––or even staying in someone else’s place––could be a really bad plan.

The City of the Future Is Already Here

screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-3-25-01-pmI found this amazing video on The Atlantic

The Atlantic goes inside this distinctive urban space to understand how Arcosanti plans to reconstruct how humans envision cities.


The way you light the different rooms in your house has been proven to affect your mood and others around you. Find out more lighting tips by OKA.



Projections For Home Sales in 2017 Expected to Increase

The National Association of Realtors, The Mortgage Bankers’ Association, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are all projecting that home sales will increase in 2017. Here is a chart showing what each entity is projecting in sales for this year and the next.single-family-home-sales

Time to Give That Nook Another Look?

nookMake that alcove more inviting with

fresh art, new pillows or a good tidying up

Nooks are one of those features that often become a favorite place in the house. But they can leave us puzzling over exactly what to do with them. If you have a nice nook to work with, lucky you! But

if yours isn’t that inviting, it’s time for a revamp. One or two of these

designer ideas could be just the thing to inspire a reinvention.