The Stanley Cup

The quest for the Cup starts today. Here’s a little history on the oldest trophy in professional sports. Stanley Cup

Mad Men: Comparing Cost of Living [inforgraphic]


It’s All About The Music


What Home Buyers Love – Hate


P.K. Subban’s Value

Let’s hope management get their act together on signing P.K. to a long-term deal. Regardless of those nay-sayers, he’s a franchise player worthy of the salary.

6 Essential Tips For First Time Home Buyers

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Shape of Home: Creative Gabled Wall Cutouts

Shape of HomeThe elongated, gabled shape of a home in Kyoto is echoed within its own interior with a cutout motif appearing as doorways, windows and niches. Hazukashi House by Alts Design Office features a warm and cozy central gathering space clad in wood, extending the full height of the home, punctuated everywhere you look by the same repeating shape.
House Shape Cutout Motif 1

Gabled Cutout Motif 2

The result is a house that almost seems to be memorializing its own simple silhouette, paying tribute to an icon that we all instantly recognize as ‘home.’ The openings break up the large wooden wall in the dining area, allowing foot traffic and the transmission of natural light from one room to the next.

Gabled Cutout Motif 3

Gabled Cutout Motif 4

A timber-clad central stairway leads from this common area to the private rooms upstairs. Linear routes throughout the home lead from one of these gabled cut-outs directly into another, making the space seem to multiply as if with a trick of mirrors. How many can you count in a single room?

Gabled Cutout Motif 5

You’d never guess from the unassuming exterior, with its three stacked rectangular windows and lack of any other distinguishing features, at the complexity found inside.

Family Room Touches Anyone Can Do

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 3.41.38 PMEasy and cheap fixes that will help your space look more polished and be more comfortable

The family room is where you unwind, play, chat, enjoy the fire and have dinner in front of a movie on the weekends. It’s also the room that often becomes a messy afterthought compared with other rooms. If you’re feeling blah about what it looks like, don’t fret. Here are some easy and free or cheap fixes borrowed from beautiful Houzz rooms that will let you relax in style.

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Music Reveiw: On The Rocks “The Fifth”

A+FifthMy dear friend Rob introduced me to this fabulous a capella group. The latest studio album from On The Rocks, entitled “A Fifth”, is their fifth studio album (clever huh?). If you have an Internet connection, you’re probably one of over five million people (as of this writing) who’ve watched the video for On the Rocks’ cover of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. (If you haven’t seen it, follow this link. Go ahead; I’ll wait.) The good news is that, the arrangement still sounds great on A Fifth these guys don’t just rely on gimmicks and fun choreography.

First, though, Bad Romance: there’s so much energy and fun in this arrangement, and these guys absolutely nail it. I’m not in love with the Poker Face snippet, but it fits; still, more impressively, these guys just know how to build a rich, full arrangement that doesn’t sound busy. The “walk, walk, fashion baby” segment is so intricately layered that it conveys a rumbling tension without sounding chaotic, and the whole song just flows and sounds great.

The rest of A Fifth is more of the same high-quality, well-executed arrangements; the only difference is that most of the rest of the songs are older mid-tempo tunes. That’s hardly a complaint, though: their version of Earth, Wind & Fire’s Sing a Song is crisply precise; their take on Brad Paisley’s Then drips with emotion; and their cover of CSNY’s Helplessly Hoping just shimmers.

What’s great about On the Rocks and A Fifth is that everything these guys do, they do well: We Don’t Eat is a collaboration with all-female group Divisi that is flawless. There are three originals on this album that stand up beautifully next to the covers here. It might be nice to hear a little more breadth of dynamics (and some of the syllables on And So It Goes are a little distracting), but ultimately, these guys have delivered a solid, stunningly-executed collection of songs.