Spectacular Seth Navarrete House


The house was built for a young couple. It has a distinctive geometric layout and is neither big, nor small and measures no more than 200 square meters. The residence features two floors. While there are living and dining rooms with a private bathroom on the first floor, the second holds the bedrooms and additional bathrooms as well as walk-in closets. The house is compact as the designers Agraz Arquitectos made use of every inch of free space to provide the most comfortable living experience possible.

Seth-Navarrete-House-2 Seth-Navarrete-House-7 Seth-Navarrete-House-8 Seth-Navarrete-House-1 Seth-Navarrete-House-9 Seth-Navarrete-House-11 Seth-Navarrete-House-13 Seth-Navarrete-House-14 Seth-Navarrete-House-16

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