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Things You Probably Don’t Know About The 2018 Winter Olympics

The 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics are winding down, but this year’s Games have brought exciting events and athletes with captivating storylines to your television screen.

While most fans of the Olympics focus only on the sports, the inner workings of the Games from budget to security can be just as interesting.  Did you know that the PyeongChang Games will cost $13 billion? Despite that staggering figure, it’s still four times less money than the previous 2014 Sochi Game. After all, any event as big as the Olympics will have a huge impact on the economy, media, and environment in addition to sports.

Security is tight at the PyeongChang Games. About $18.4 million has been spent on X-ray screening, and $1.2 million will be spent on cybersecurity by the time it’s all said and done. Meanwhile, 5,000 South Korean military service members are present along with 13,000 police officers. On top of that, the United States has sent 200 of their own security members and many other nations have probably done the same. It’s clear that security is paramount to the host and participating nations of the Games.

The expansion of the NHL through the years [video]

NHL through the yearsA video depiction of the National Hockey League transforming from six teams to thirty-one teams #NHL100

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The Hockey Stick Guitar

hockey-stick-guitarThis video combines my tow great loves; Music and Hockey. Enjoy!!

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The world’s most coveted trophies

As a hockey fan, the Stanley Cup is my dream. as a musician, a Grammy would be amazing!


The world’s greatest outdoor ice rinks


The Story of Hockey Legends: Crosby Vs. Ovechkin


The Hunt For Lord Stanley’s Cup


As we start the 2015 NHL season, the Blackhawks will defend their championship.

While Chicago are among the NHL’s 13 teams that have won multiple Cups, there are a dozen that still have yet to drink from Lord Stanley’s old punch bowl. Could one of them finally take home their first championship this spring?

The Best NHL teams of All Time

Picking the best NHL team of all time is an easy task for me, because I’m biased to my hometown Montreal Canadiens. There are many stand out teams, many great players, and times where one team dominated for years. The teams selected here were based on the amount of Stanley Cups they have won, the hall of famers in the team, and their period of dominance primarily. There is no team from after 1990 featured which is interesting. This list tracks the best NHL teams from the Ottawa Senators team of 1919 to 1927 to the Edmonton Oilers of 1983 to 1990. This info-graphic from Tucker Hockey outlines the greatest achieving NHL teams and lists the successes the teams had during their periods of dominance.