The Best Apps and Tools for Real Estate Agents

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If you want to drive professional improvement, you need to make use of the best apps and tools for real estate agents! From streamlining client interactions to revolutionizing property management, these tools empower realtors to navigate the market with precision and efficiency!

Property Management Apps

Property management apps are amazing tools if you’re looking to improve your business model. Among the top apps in this category, Buildium offers features that effectively track leases, maintenance requests, and financial data, enhancing overall property management efficiency. AppFolio also offers comprehensive solutions, including online rent payments and tenant screening, streamlining property management tasks. Furthermore, Rent Manager provides customizable dashboards and reporting tools, allowing realtors to analyze property performance effectively. With features designed to optimize property management processes, they enable agents to focus more on providing quality service!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Apps

Customer relationship management (CRM) apps are extremely important tools for realtors to manage client interactions efficiently. Among the top CRM apps, Salesforce stands out with its robust features for organizing leads, contacts, and deals seamlessly. Next, HubSpot offers a user-friendly interface, simplifying automation tasks for agents. For those emphasizing lead management, Follow Up Boss also provides effective communication tracking tools.

A symbiotic relationship between real estate agents and movers is always beneficial and makes the whole process easier for clients. Of course, it’s essential to recommend your clients high-quality movers who rely on modern solutions like MoversTech CRM, a user-friendly tool with amazing automation capabilities. It allows companies to instantly perform tasks like generating bills of ladling, managing leads, and scheduling jobs. Recommending movers who use state-of-the-art tools can help real estate agents offer clients a seamless transition from the home sale to move-in day.

Virtual Tour and 3D Modeling Apps

Virtual tours and 3D modeling apps are great when looking to boost your engagement with potential clients. Matterport stands out with its ability to create immersive 3D virtual tours, providing a captivating experience for viewers. In addition, Zillow 3D Home offers seamless integration with the Zillow platform, making it convenient for realtors to showcase properties. Similarly, Asteroom’s mobile-friendly interface and instant virtual tour creation capabilities make it an attractive option for realtors on the go. These apps offer innovative ways to showcase properties, allowing realtors to stand out in a competitive market!

Document Management and E-Signature Apps

Document management and E-Signature apps play a big role in streamlining paperwork and transactions for real estate agents. DocuSign offers secure electronic signature features and seamless integration with popular platforms, simplifying the signing process for agents and clients. Likewise, HelloSign’s user-friendly interface and customizable document templates make it easy for realtors to manage and send documents efficiently. Lastly, Dotloop provides comprehensive transaction management tools and compliance features, ensuring that real estate transactions adhere to regulations. These apps streamline document workflows, allowing realtors to focus more on serving clients and closing deals effectively.

Market Analysis and Research Tools

Market analysis and research tools are another of the resources you should consider. provides comprehensive market data, including housing trends and neighborhood insights, enabling agents to stay updated on market conditions. In the same vein, Zillow Market Reports offers detailed market reports and forecasting tools, empowering agents with trends and predictions. Redfin Data Center provides interactive maps and analytics for understanding local real estate markets, aiding realtors in identifying opportunities. These tools equip realtors with the knowledge and data necessary to navigate the dynamic real estate market.

Social Media and Marketing Apps

Social media and marketing apps can be surprisingly useful. Buffer offers scheduling and analytics features, allowing realtors to manage social media content effectively and track engagement metrics. Canva provides design templates for eye-catching marketing materials, enabling realtors to create professional graphics easily. Last but not least, Hootsuite offers a social media management dashboard and integration with multiple platforms. Thus streamlining the process of managing various social media channels! So, these apps provide realtors with the tools necessary to develop a strong brand presence.

Financial Calculators and Mortgage Tools

Financial calculators and mortgage tools are also among the best apps and tools for real estate agents. The Mortgage Calculator by Quicken Loans offers an easy-to-use interface and accurate estimations, providing clients with insights into their mortgage options. Furthermore, the Zillow Mortgage Calculator provides affordability and payment breakdown features, helping clients understand the financial aspects of homeownership. And, of course, the Bankrate Mortgage Calculator offers customization options and comprehensive rate comparisons, empowering clients to make smart decisions about their mortgage choices. Therefore, these tools facilitate transparency and clarity, enabling clients to assess their affordability and make financial decisions.

Networking and Collaboration Platforms

Networking and collaboration platforms can offer a ton of useful connections. LinkedIn provides professional networking features and groups specifically designed for real estate professionals, fostering connections and opportunities for collaboration. RealScout provides a collaborative home search platform that allows realtors to work closely with clients to find their ideal properties. Finally, Real Estate Bees includes networking opportunities and resources for agents, brokers, and investors, facilitating knowledge sharing and professional growth within the real estate community. As such, these platforms serve as valuable hubs for building relationships, fostering partnerships, and staying updated on industry trends.

Lead Generation and Prospecting Apps

Lead generation and prospecting apps are indispensable tools for realtors aiming to acquire new clients and listings. BoldLeads offers lead capture and follow-up automation features, enabling realtors to manage their leads and nurture relationships. Similarly, Zillow Premier Agent provides an advertising platform that connects realtors with potential buyers and sellers, expanding their reach and visibility in the market. Lastly, Connections Plus offers lead management tools and targeted advertising capabilities, helping realtors attract qualified leads and convert them into successful transactions. These apps empower agents to effectively identify and engage with potential clients, driving more leads and opportunities.

Legal and Compliance Tools

Legal and compliance tools are very helpful for real estate agents. ZipLogix offers transaction management solutions and compliance features, simplifying the paperwork process and meeting legal requirements. Lone Wolf Transactions provides a paperless transaction management system and secure document storage, enhancing data security and compliance. Next, Dotloop Compliance offers compliance tracking and audit trail features for real estate transactions, helping agents maintain transparency and accountability. These tools provide peace of mind to agents and clients alike, allowing transactions to proceed with confidence and integrity!

Customer Service and Communication Apps

Customer service and communication apps are absolutely invaluable if you want to improve your customer service. LiveChat offers live chat support and messaging capabilities for real estate websites, enabling agents to provide instant assistance to potential clients. Zendesk provides a customer support ticketing system and multi-channel communication tools, allowing agents to manage customer inquiries efficiently across various platforms. Lastly, BombBomb offers a video email platform for personalized client communication, helping agents establish a more engaging and human connection with their clients. These can all streamline communication channels, allowing agents to promptly and effectively address client needs!

Making the right use of the best apps and tools for real estate agents

Using the best apps and tools for real estate agents can propel your business to new heights! Integrating these innovative technologies into your workflow will streamline operations and enhance client experiences! So, stay ahead of the competition and maximize your potential with these indispensable tools at your fingertips.

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Home Buyers Eager to Act Sooner Rather Than Later

Contract signings climbed 7.5% in October, and home sales for 2021 are on pace to hit a 15-year high, the National Association of REALTORS® reported Monday. Pending home sales rebounded after a decline in September.

Despite rising mortgage rates, home buyers appear undeterred by higher financing costs and home prices. Contract activity increased month over month in all four major regions of the U.S. NAR’s Pending Home Sales Index is a forward-looking indicator of home sales based on contract signings.

“Motivated by fast-rising rents and the anticipated increase in mortgage rates, consumers that are on strong financial footing are signing contracts to purchase a home sooner rather than later,” says Lawrence Yun, NAR’s chief economist. “This solid buying is a testament to demand still being relatively high, as it is occurring during a time when inventory is still markedly low.”

Yun notes that the gain in October assures that total existing-home sales in 2021 will exceed 6 million. That will mark the top performance in home sales in 15 years, Yun says.

He does forecast, however, home prices will increase at a “gentler pace” over the next several months and expects demand to be milder as mortgage rates increase. The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 3.10% last week, up from a 2.72% average a year ago, Freddie Mac reports.

Last month, contract signings increased at the strongest pace in the Midwest and South regions. The Northeast increased 6.9% in October, but contract signings are still down 10% from a year ago. The Midwest saw contract signings climb 11.8% in October; pending home sales are up 5.1% from a year ago.

Homes in 10 Hottest Markets Are Selling in 6 Days

Homes are selling faster than ever—in less than a week in the country’s most active housing markets.® released a new report revealing housing’s top 10 ZIP codes for 2021. This year’s list showed some of the most significant drivers behind the hottest markets:

  • Housing affordability with asking prices that offer bigger houses for the money
  • A growing number of high-income millennials
  • Close proximity to local amenities and outdoor activities

“The ZIPs that make our annual hottest report are very competitive, but this year, they are white hot,” says Danielle Hale,®’s chief economist. “Homes in this year’s ZIPs are under contract in less than a week, which is three times faster than the contract times for last year’s hottest markets. While there’s no question that buyers have faced a challenging housing market during the pandemic, our hottest ZIPs list also highlights some of the silver linings. The rise in remote work has given some buyers more flexibility to live wherever they want, and many are finding larger homes at lower prices, as well as a higher quality of life, in the 2021 hottest ZIPs.”

Homes are selling in the top 10 markets an average of six days—31 days faster than the rest of the country. Home listing views on® are up 156% compared to a year earlier.

20 Cities With the Most Severe Housing Shortages

The inventory shortage, which has been a nuisance for years now, is causing even greater disruption since the pandemic began. Fueling intense buyer competition and sky-high home prices, the historic supply crunch requires a “once in a generation” federal response to address decades of underinvestment and underbuilding, argues the National Association of REALTORS®.

There are areas of the country that exemplify the problem and support NAR’s urgent call. DeedClaim, an online deed preparation service, analyzed the 50 largest metros to identify the markets with the biggest housing deficits. The site crunched® data to determine each metro area’s supply levels and analyzed population changes to find where the lowest amount of available housing is compared to demand.

Phoenix and Dallas topped the list with the biggest housing shortages. Cities in Southern states tended to have the largest housing shortages, according to the study.

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