Get More Kitchen Storage With Counter-Depth Upper Cabinets

Get the lowdown on expanding your upper storage capacity

Upper cabinets don’t come in one height or width, and they don’t come in just one depth either. Typically, upper cabinets are much shallower than lower cabinets, sometimes by as much as half the depth. That’s some serious space you’re missing out on if you’re looking to squeeze every inch of storage out of your kitchen. Here’s why you might want to consider going deep with your upper cabinets.

Where to Hang Open Shelves in the Kitchen

Consider these locations for letting in natural light, dealing with a tricky corner and more

Open shelving in the kitchen is a bit of a love-it-or-leave-it idea, and whether it’s practical or not comes largely down to how you use your kitchen. But if you do want to incorporate floating shelves, a question emerges: Where should you hang them? There are many great places to put open shelves, and this guide will help you determine the best spot in your kitchen.

Take a look at ONE88

Bellevue’s newest address has received incredible interest during its recent preview with over 100 residences sold. The excitement continues with the unveiling of the One88 Visual Tour. Take an exclusive first look at an animated tour of the building’s sophisticated residences and world-class amenity collection and experience the attentive design detail that has defined this remarkable new high-rise.

A 3 Year View From the Seattle Space Needle

 A 4-minute video you’ve been waiting for to illustrate why a 4-mile drive in Seattle takes 45 minutes.

America’s Obsession with Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are an American obsession. But how did they become so ubiquitous? Our nation’s countertop history has had a few surprising twists and turns.

A smog vacuum cleaner and other magical city designs

Daan Roosegaarde uses technology and creative thinking to produce imaginative, earth-friendly designs. He presents his latest projects — from the sidewalks of Amsterdam, where he reinterpreted “The Starry Night” to get people thinking about green energy, to Beijing, where he developed a smog vacuum cleaner to purify the air in local parks, to a dance floor that generates electricity to power a DJ booth. Check out Roosegaarde’s vision for a future where creativity is our true capital.

A History of the Most Iconic Home Designs

How cohousing can make us happier (and live longer)

For most of us, gone are the days of family living on the same block or the entire neighborhood gathering in one person’s yard, day in and day out.

Instead, we plug ourselves into devices and vent online about how lonely we are.

Architect Grace Kim explains how she tackled the problem of modern isolation with cohousing, private dwellings with shared public spaces.

Bold Dining Room Doubles as Workspace and Play Space

A multipurpose dining room serves up style and function for a creative family

Two things were immediately clear to designer Tracy Martin Taylor when she walked into the dining room of this modern home in Dallas’ family-friendly Lake Highlands neighborhood: First, this would be no ordinary dining room, and second, this was no ordinary client. The homeowner — an occupational therapist by day, roller derby player by night, and mom always — wasn’t afraid to take over the formal dining room for use as a bold, colorful work-and-play space in which to dream and create with her kids.