Smartphones: Impact on the World [video]

smartphone_videoAn amazing look at how mobile technology is impacting all of us!

The Continued Rise of Mobile [Infographic]

email-mobile-phoneAccording to Online Media Daily, this year the mobile payment transactions will exceed $171.5 billion which is a 62% increase from last year. As of Feb. 2012, 74% of smartphone users have used their mobiles for location related services. 50% of people who shop on smartphone use a GPS/mapping app to locate the address of a retail store.

By this year end, approximately 116 million people in America will use a smartphone at least once in a month, an actual increase from last year’s 93.1 million. It is a fact that 47% of smartphone owners will rather rely on their smartphones to find more information about a product. 36% read product reviews on their mobile devices about retail websites.


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Are Mobile Devices Destroying Your Body? [infographic]


Though most of my peers are tightly chained to their devices, few of us seem to grasp that. Being truly chained to convenience, most cannot see the parasite for what it is.

Of course, mobile technology has its uses. It’s even ridiculous to point that out. But have you ever felt a distinct repulsion from your mobile phone? Perhaps your delicate eyes, when confronted by the screen, were offended by the fluorescent, hypnotic glare. ..

If you’ve ever felt at a complete distance from your phone, there are some very good, proven reasons that explain this aversion.