A 3 Year View From the Seattle Space Needle

 A 4-minute video you’ve been waiting for to illustrate why a 4-mile drive in Seattle takes 45 minutes.

Making The Cut: Your Guide To Essential Kitchen Knives

How Close Are We to the Perfect Smart Home?

Want to do more than talk to your refrigerator and control your lights with your phone? This video explains how close we are to the smart home that can do everything for us.

Why hold music sounds worse now than it used to

If you’re old enough to remember actual phones instead of cell phones, you probably remember that hold music didn’t use to sound so crummy. So what changed? It all starts back when phones were still operated by switch boards. The long and short of it is that phone microphones and earpieces are designed for the human vocal range. Music doesn’t transfer so well. And now that cell phones are getting higher quality, that discrepancy is becoming more and more obvious.

A smog vacuum cleaner and other magical city designs

Daan Roosegaarde uses technology and creative thinking to produce imaginative, earth-friendly designs. He presents his latest projects — from the sidewalks of Amsterdam, where he reinterpreted “The Starry Night” to get people thinking about green energy, to Beijing, where he developed a smog vacuum cleaner to purify the air in local parks, to a dance floor that generates electricity to power a DJ booth. Check out Roosegaarde’s vision for a future where creativity is our true capital.

Kitchen Storage: How to Store Your Kitchen Tools and Flatware

Find out the ideal width and depth of drawers, get ideas for vertical storage and see how to work with existing cabinets

They say the key to organization is a place for everything and everything in its place. This is true for even the smallest items, such as your kitchen utensils. These include your everyday flatware as viagra pas cher well as the many small but mighty cooking tools a serious chef requires. Here are some of my favorite options for storing your utensils, in any space and on any budget.

The Ultimate Medicinal Music Test

Aside from the health benefits of listening to your favorite tunes, there are plenty of links between medicine and music.

There’s a long history of band names, song themes and product marketing drawing inspiration from medical terms – this quiz tests how much you’ve been paying attention.

Are you a music trivia genius? A medical fact repository? A healthy mix of both?

Let’s find out!

Man and Machines Make Music

The machines are coming. If we’re lucky, they’ll just make amazing music like this. If we’re not lucky, they’re going to take over the world.

The Future of Smart Homes

The Future of Smart Homes

Smart phones, smart watches and smart hubs, but what about smart homes? Smart Technology has given us new ways of doing things and this is soon to be extended and introduced into our homes in more ways than expected. Smart thermostats and app controlled appliances have already entered the marketplace but there’s a lot more of that to come.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

With rapid advancements in technology such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning you can expect your kitchen to be dominated by smart appliances and your bathroom to know everything about you.

But it’s not only new technology that’s a driving factor towards smart homes, environmental awareness is also driving companies to create devices that are energy efficient and create a positive impact on the environment.

At the Lighting Superstore, we’ve looked at how all this could change your home, welcome to your future home of tomorrow.

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