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Facebook Approaches 500 Million Mobile Users – Infographic

Facebook-Approaches-500-Million-Mobile-Users-InfographicI do enjoy my cycling and it is a great way to keep fit, socialize and  enjoy coffee all in one capsule of time.

It also is one way of refreshing the body, mind and soul from the the pressures of work and life.

Cycling though can be dangerous, with trucks and cars and other immovable objects threatening life and limb.

But there is a new and alarming epidemic and trend that is making the roads more dangerous and it is the addicted Facebook user checking their timeline on their mobile.

Luckily the police have realized this and in fact in Fort Lee, New Jersey in the USA they have started bookingdangerous” walkers who are not obeying the rules of the road“.

It certainly is about time because it would be embarrassing to report to my friends that I was injured cycling not from a hitting a bus but by being taken out by an over zealous and jaywalking Facebook user on their mobile!

Facebook Understands the Importance of Mobile

Facebook must have been talking to the police about this mobile addiction trend because they have just bought  Instagram which isn’t even a social media website but just a mobile app (a mobile app that just happens to have nearly 40 million users).

Additionally Facebook has increased its focus on mobile in preparing for a mobile and social web that goes  beyond the Instagram acquisition with the purchase of the Android  photosharing app developer “Lightbox” as reported by Techcrunch.

Lightbox creates photo blogs from a users uploads and has been described as the “Lazy man’s Tumblr

Now before you rush off and try and sign up to Lightbox, the acquisition is not the business or the app but only the team, as it will be closed down by June 15 and you will see its technology emerge as a Facebook mobile feature sometime in the future.

The other common element to take note of with both these acquisitions are that they are photo centric “apps”, because Facebook knows that photos are the highest engaging content on its platform (50% higher share rate than any other type of update on Facebook timelines)

The challenge that still remains for Facebook,  is how they will monetize the burgeoning mobile space.

The Compelling Facts and Figures

One other compelling reason Facebook is aggressively chasing mobile users is that in the developed countries its growth is approaching saturation point.

In developing countries the use of mobile is predominant with telecommunications infrastructure being built around mobile technology instead of fixed.

This is evident with countries like New Guinea (78%) and  Nigeria (81%) having some of the highest Facebook mobile penetration in the world.

  • 54% Penetration of Facebook mobile (488 million out of 901 million users)
  • Android and Apple share the largest mobile platform usage at 19% each
  • iPad is 5% of Facebook mobile usage
  • The top 5 countries using Facebook mobile are USA, Indonesia and India followed by the UK and then Mexico



Top 10 Reasons To Buy 6607 116th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA


10 – The Lot: At just over a third of an acre, this large lot puts all 13,503 square feet to its best use.

9 – Places To Play: The back yard features a generous grassy area for hours of play, while the front of the home has an enormous space for a competitive game of hoops.

8 – The Location: Close to multiple bus stops (238 / 245 / 265 / 277 / 889), if carpooling is your gig, the park and ride is just over a block and a half away.

windows7 – The Master Suite: Situated in its own wing of the home, the master suite has a large walk-in closet with built-in armoire along with a Jacuzzi tub, granite counter double sinks and glass shower.

6 – The Floor Plan: The gourmet kitchen is decked out in granite and walnut. Eat in the nook or at the bar.  When a more formal atmosphere is desired, or for those large events, the inviting dining room, that comfortably sits twelve, is at the ready.

5 – Let There Be Light: With 16’ ceilings and windows galore, there is always light in main livings space.

Trail Map4 – Bridle Trails State Park: One block to the south is an amazing place to explore. The park is 482 forested acres with 28 miles of equestrian/pedestrian trails. There are three marked trail loops of varying distance. See the trail map for details.

3 – Plenty Of Room: With 5 large bedrooms, there is plenty of room to configure a variety of schemes. If a home office is needed, there’s a place. A craft room? You got it!

Theater-TOP-GUN2 – The Entertainment Room: The home theater /game room has a 12.5’ foot screen for huge visuals and the sound effects are provided by the 7.1 surround sound, all the while comfortably seated in plush leather theater seats.

The #1 reason to live here… This house was custom built in 2001! It has been meticulously maintained and enhanced.  Ready to move right in and enjoy a better than new home with nothing to update!

For all you need to know about this home, go to:

10 Things You Need to Know About Revamped Facebook Pages


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Facebook makes everyone 4.74 degrees apart

connectionsFacebook has given us reason to celebrate: we’re all a little bit closer to Kevin Bacon. While playing a round of “4.74 Degrees of Kevin Bacon” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, a new study claims everyone on Earth is separated by just 4.74 degrees.

Facebook conducted the study in partnership with the University of Milan, tracking the connections of its 721 million members. The researchers found that a person could be connected to a randomly selected individual through an average of 4.74 links. That number drops to 4.37 in the United States.

“When considering even the most distant Facebook user in the Siberian tundra or the Peruvian rain forest,” Facebook shared on its blog, “a friend of your friend probably knows a friend of their friend.”

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