Here’s What LinkedIn’s Marketing Execs Think Is Wrong With Facebook

fb-vs-ln-newPersonal social networks such as Facebook are used to waste time, and professional networks are used to invest time, according to LinkedIn. In a recent blog post, the career networking site discussed new research it commissioned into why people use different social media sites, and what that might mean for advertisers trying to reach them.

For example, LinkedIn says that professionals go to career sites to stay up to date with their career and expect to hear from brands 26% more than on non-professional sites. The research doesn’t mention any names, but it obviously refers to Facebook when it talks about “personal” sites. People use those sites for “distraction” and to “kill time,” LinkedIn says, whereas LinkedIn is for “achievement, success” and “aspiration.”

The research is collected into a new report, called “The Mindset Divide” written by TNS Global, analyzes the major differences between personal and professional social networking.

Here is the “Mindset Divide” infographic.


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