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Why music? The many benefits of a musical education [infographic]

why-musicsource: University of Florida’s Master of Music in Music Education

Rent vs. Buy: Which is Cheaper?

Trulia has a really great online tool to help you decide. Click to see what the numbers have to say about buying vs. renting.

cheeper to buy

Reality TV Show Myths [Infographic]

Reality-TV-Shows-vs-Reality-in-the-Real-Estate-Worldcourtesy of: JesenAndCompany

Would You Live in a Haunted House? [Infographic]

Many holidays that we celebrate have one or two traditions that truly define them, but they also have many other smaller traditions. Halloween is no exception to the rule: while dressing in costumes and trick-or-treating are the most defining Halloween traditions, we also have things like pumpkin carving, hay rides and haunted houses that are associated with the holiday. Haunted houses can be a lot of fun to visit around Halloween, with all of the decorations and people putting on a scary show, but the question is: would you actually live in one?

Today’s infographic shows us just how many Americans would choose to buy or live in a haunted home, given the choice to do so. Out of those surveyed, 62% would consider buying a “haunted” house while 35% said that they have already lived in one. When asked what would make a house haunted, most agreed that a cemetery on the property would do the trick, although the answers ranged all the way to having an old battlefield near the home.


Home Prices Surge And Have Their Best Month Since February 2006

CS home PricesThe S&P Case-Shiller home price index climbed 0.93% on the month in August. Home prices were up 12.82% on the year.

Home prices posted their highest annual increase since February 2006, and all 20 cities posted year-over-year gains in home prices.

Economists do however expect home prices to cool going forward.


Where Did Music Come From [video]

A great video from Discovery

How plausible do you think these theories are?

Where Does Music Come From

Why Our Brains Love Curved Buildings [video]

Curved Buildings

Another great video from Discovery

Post Lockout Stanley Cup Winners: Infographic

Dustin English NHL Stats

The Most Canadian NHL Team [Infographic]

Which NHL club has the most Canadians on its roster? How do the Canadian-based teams stack up in terms of homegrown players? The answers are in this week’s Hockey Night in Canada infographic. Anyone who knows me, will recognize that my bias is not reflected in this data…