The Future Of How We Watch Hockey

future-of-hockey-bannerA lot has changed in the world of broadcast sports television over the years. Decades ago, when the first televised NHL broadcast hit the airwaves in Canada, fans gathered around their black/white one-tv-per-household (average) television sets to see a Nationally telecast game one night a week. It was a way for families to share quality time and enjoy live action from the comfort of their own homes. An unprecedented phenomenon.

Today a typical household is comprised of multiple technological gadgets per family member. Relative to decades past, our modern possessions make what our parents and grandparents used look like archaic objects mentioned only in museums and textbooks. Not only do we have large, light, skinny, High definition televisions, we are spoiled rotten with lightning fast computers, gaming systems, wireless personal devices and “smart” phones.

The way we watch sports on TV is evolving at a similar pace. The production of televised sports is a billion dollar industry which strives to bring their audiences the most entertaining and compelling productions possible. Yet, with all of these strides over the years, there are still several areas that could use improving or adjusting to keep up with our constantly advancing user-interactivity needs.

The following infographic demonstrates a handful of ideas that the NHL can strive towards to improve the common fans viewing experience in an ever-advancing technological world. Most of the ideas in this infographic show ideas that are simply amalgamations of technologies that are already in place but are not in the control of the user but rather strictly under the rule of the broadcasters. This, we feel strongly, is soon to change.

future-of-hockey-broadcastingsource: NetSurfMedia via SilverOak


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