Dramatic, Angular Modern Office in Luxury Lake House

Lake-House-Modern-Office-1An angular wood-paneled office with built-in work surfaces and dramatic red lighting is just one standout element of this luxury lake house on Lake Austin

by Bercy Chen Studio. The dark and insular qualities of the office make it feel like a womb-like space for daydreaming and concentration, in stark contrast to the bright openness of the rest of the home.

Like much of the home, the office is lined in Massaranduba Brazilian hardwood. Its most intriguing feature is a niche that seems to extend out into the yard; it holds a mattress and is topped by a skylight with a sliding cover.

Situated on a peninsula within the lake, this tranquil contemporary home boasts a wrap-around reflecting pool and adjacent swimming pool that come right up to the glass walls of the living space, making it seem as if you could step right out into the water. In fact, you can – stepping stones lead from a clear acrylic exterior door to the lawn.

With the wall of glass on the bottom level, a terrace on the second floor, and an angled solarium with a louvered screen that lets in daylight, water and sky are undoubtedly the focus of the home.

How to Turn Your Basement Into an Office

home_officeIf you want to put a new office into your home, you may not need to look any farther than the basement. A lower level can be the ideal spot for a home office, since it can offer the necessary quiet and separation from the rest of the home.

Could your basement be a great home office? Consider some tips from design professionals.

The Former Dining Room Workspace

If you want a home office but don’t have the space, consider converting another room. That’s what Crystal, the creator of today’s featured workspace, did to her dining room with only $105 and a few things she already owned.

The original dining room space was pretty dull, cluttered with old furniture and a table used to collect mail rather than seat dinner guests. As part of a sub-2,000-square foot house, wasted space is a big problem. Crystal decided to turn the dining room into the attractive workspace pictured above. She did this with a $105 budget, buying her a couple of table tops, filing cabinets, shelves, and a more modern lighting option (previously, the hanging light was a chandelier). She managed this by getting a few good deals at IKEA and buying second-hand whenever possible. This just goes to show how a little money can go a long way.

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