Roofception: Sky Garden House Takes Green to New Levels

sky-garden-stairs-roofStuck in a small lot with nosy neighbors? No worries: just built up instead of out, like the architects of this home on the remote island Sentosa (near Singapore).

Guz Architects‘ plan was, in part, to create something that felt like a one-story dwelling but sat up above the neighbors, treating the first floor like a basement (conceptually) and the second story with its green deck like a main-floor house and garden, with yet a third story and green roof on that.

A central stair and atrium channel light, breezes and occupants up and down through the core, connecting a sublime terrace above with the more secluded living spaces below.

None of this focus on the upper levels is meant to suggest the actual entry floor was not well-designed, with its own secluded outdoor space as well as relatively-small exterior deck leading out to the water’s edge.

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