Low-Impact Sustainable Homes for Families in Remote Places

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No matter how you feel about the energy, forestry and mining industries that have taken up residence in Canada, the fact is that those industries are firmly entrenched in Alberta. The housing market has shifted considerably since this rush, with housing prices going up and housing becoming far more scarce. A team of students at the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University have joined forces to find a simple but effective solution to this situation.

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They came up with Borealis, a sustainable pre-fab home that can be transported anywhere, even to remote locations, and assembled on the spot. The homes aren’t luxurious by any standard, but they are strong enough to withstand harsh Canadian winters comfortably. The main part of the home – the middle module – contains a kitchen, bathroom, and dining area. The additional modules on either side contain an office, a living area and bedrooms.

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alberta canada modular borealis homes

The sustainable part of the design comes from the 10 kw rooftop photovoltaic array and an interior air purifying green wall. Outside, the units are meant to mimic and complement the surrounding natural beauty of the area.

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