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Making The Cut: Your Guide To Essential Kitchen Knives

Myths from American History Class

In the U.S., kids spend a lot of time in history class learning about the American Revolution and the founding fathers. But history books tend to simplify the complex reality of the war and the country’s founding. This episode of School Myths by The Atlantic investigates the overblown, rose-colored glasses that are often donned to teach American students about their country’s history.

4 Tape Measure Tricks

Leah from See Jane Drill demonstrates some handy ways to use your tape measure.

How Close Are We to the Perfect Smart Home?

Want to do more than talk to your refrigerator and control your lights with your phone? This video explains how close we are to the smart home that can do everything for us.

Why hold music sounds worse now than it used to

If you’re old enough to remember actual phones instead of cell phones, you probably remember that hold music didn’t use to sound so crummy. So what changed? It all starts back when phones were still operated by switch boards. The long and short of it is that phone microphones and earpieces are designed for the human vocal range. Music doesn’t transfer so well. And now that cell phones are getting higher quality, that discrepancy is becoming more and more obvious.

The Best Movie Rooftop Confrontations

Over the years, some of the most iconic movie scenes have taken place on rooftops. Maybe it’s the risk of falling off, or the build up to the inevitable showdown at the end. Here’s our take on the best rooftop confrontations in movie history.


The Cost of Living Around the World Compared

Why bells make a pulsating sound

Explaining how a bell goes ring-gin-gin-gin (with the sound going up and down as the bell rings out). The key is multiple modes of vibration. Expanding on this, here is a video experimenting with making a bell that sounds two distinct notes, forming roughly a major third.

Rise of the New LinkedIn: By the Numbers

Has it been awhile since you last logged onto LinkedIn?

It’s a whole new ballgame on this hot social media site, as you can see from this infographic by NumberSleuth.