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10 Keys to a Well-Functioning House

Sure, looks are important. But practical matters like layout, storage and lighting directly affect your comfort

The design of a house can have a profound effect on how we feel, but we often attribute this to aesthetics. In fact, it’s about so much more. Good design should enhance our experience of a space, and the way a room looks is almost the icing on the cake. Here are 10 key tips for achieving a comfortable, well-thought-out home.

The Future of Smart Homes

The Future of Smart Homes

Smart phones, smart watches and smart hubs, but what about smart homes? Smart Technology has given us new ways of doing things and this is soon to be extended and introduced into our homes in more ways than expected. Smart thermostats and app controlled appliances have already entered the marketplace but there’s a lot more of that to come.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

With rapid advancements in technology such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning you can expect your kitchen to be dominated by smart appliances and your bathroom to know everything about you.

But it’s not only new technology that’s a driving factor towards smart homes, environmental awareness is also driving companies to create devices that are energy efficient and create a positive impact on the environment.

At the Lighting Superstore, we’ve looked at how all this could change your home, welcome to your future home of tomorrow.



Repairing Willie Nelson’s Trigger

Willie Nelson’s guitar, “Trigger,” is in for repairs at Erlewine Guitars in Austin, Texas. Mark Erlewine shares a close-up look at the famous hole in the top. Mark’s been Trigger’s caretaker for ages, and he gives us the inside scoop on Trigger’s history.

12 Little Accidents at Home and How to Fix Them

Your home suffers a lot of wear and tear each day. It’s normal to see hints of damage here and there – but wouldn’t it be nicer without them. What can you do to clear up after a minor domestic catastrophe?

Whether it’s damage that comes from repeated use, or a one-off accident that’s left a mark, little flaws around the home can detract from all your good intentions. Everything seems nicely decorated, and then your eyes drift to a horrible scratch or a stain in the carpet. It can be difficult to know how to fix these problems without making them worse.

Well, every blemish needs its own solution – but the solutions are out there. Did you know that petroleum jelly is ideal for getting rid of mug rings on tables? It’s just one of many surprising household uses this weird substance has!

Bigger disasters, like spilling wax on your carpet, can be dealt with using easy-to-find tools. With wax, the best thing to do is to cover the spillage with kitchen paper, and heat it up with a hairdryer. Once the towel is saturated with wax, replace it with it with a fresh one and do it again. Keep trying until the wax is all gone – it shouldn’t take long.

You never know where the next bit of damage is going to appear. We’ve put together a new infographic, with easy instructions on how to deal with a number of common mishaps around the home.

It might sometimes feel like your house has a life of its own. With these handy tips, you’ll be ready to give it a little tender loving care whenever required.

Why “Good Vibrations” is a pop masterpiece

Musicians and music enthusiasts call The Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” one of the greatest songs ever written. What makes it so good? Take a look at this analysis.

Can You Hear the Difference Between a Cheap and Expensive Violin?

Why are some violins so expensive? Rob Landes went to Peter Prier and Sons in Salt Lake City, where he put to the test a violin he purchased on Amazon for $62, and an antique Italian violin for $285,000.

The first song he plays is Hallelujah, and the second is AC/DC “Thunderstruck”.

How cohousing can make us happier (and live longer)

For most of us, gone are the days of family living on the same block or the entire neighborhood gathering in one person’s yard, day in and day out.

Instead, we plug ourselves into devices and vent online about how lonely we are.

Architect Grace Kim explains how she tackled the problem of modern isolation with cohousing, private dwellings with shared public spaces.

Bold Dining Room Doubles as Workspace and Play Space

A multipurpose dining room serves up style and function for a creative family

Two things were immediately clear to designer Tracy Martin Taylor when she walked into the dining room of this modern home in Dallas’ family-friendly Lake Highlands neighborhood: First, this would be no ordinary dining room, and second, this was no ordinary client. The homeowner — an occupational therapist by day, roller derby player by night, and mom always — wasn’t afraid to take over the formal dining room for use as a bold, colorful work-and-play space in which to dream and create with her kids.

10 Tips to Prevent Damage During a Move

Find out how to protect your floors, furniture, fragile objects and more

From nicks in that fresh paint job to broken chair legs and sofas stuck in stairwells, there are lots of things that can go awry during a move. Thankfully, with some thoughtful preventive measures (and lots of padding), it is possible to get from old house to new with all your belongings in one piece — and hopefully with no dings in those freshly painted walls either.