17 Bizarre Real Estate Listing Photos

The search for a home can be quite an adventure. On the hunt for a house or condo with the proper amenities, you never know what you may come across. By digging through thousands of real estate listings each week it’s amazing some of the things we stumble upon. Here are 17 photographs from real listings on Estately that instantly surprised us.

1. Atlanta, Georgia — $525,000. View photos of the rest of the home here.

There are better ways to cover up a carpet stain than this.


2. Atlanta, Georgia — $3,400,000. View photos of the rest of the home here.

Some say the zebra was pushed.


3. Chatsworth, California — $869,000. View photos of the rest of the home here.

If you’re a rock thrower who longs to live in a glass house so you can see the sky, consider painting the ceiling to resemble clouds at sunset instead.


4. Austin, Texas –$1,695,000. View the rest of this home here.

Do you dare to enter The Fortress of Slumber?


5. The Plains, Virginia–$5,999,000. View photos of this equestrian estate here.

First they show up in fast food and IKEA meatballs, then they appear in real estate listing photos. Horses just seem to be popping up everywhere.

6. Chino Hills, California — Sold for $4,500,000. View what remains of the listing here.

Listed for $4.9 million, this Chino Hills home wasn’t yet completed, but an awesome replica was created for the listing photos. For children skilled in building LEGO mansions, there could a be a future career in constructing miniature home replicas.


7. Vancouver, Washington — Sold for $230,000. View the old listing here.

The listing for this home was literally crawling with babies. From inside the sink to the hallways, this Vancouver, Washington house featured the same crawling baby in at least eight of its photos. The photogenic tyke caught the attention of sites like Hooked on Houses — and eventually a new owner — because the home sold within months.


8. Little Neck, New York –$799,000.View photos of the rest of the home here.

No need to wake up. Just pull the sleeping bag over your head so we can snap a quick photo. Perfect.

Copyright (C), Multiple Listing Service of Long Island, Inc, 2004

9. Studio City, California–$1,325,000. View photos of the rest of the home here.

Previously owned by comedian Dennis Miller, this combination sauna/bathroom features a toilet that can be easily hidden by the drop-down sauna seat. This combo raises also sorts of questions and concerns.


10. Fort Lauderdale, Florida — $3,150,000. View photos of the rest of the home here.

Human evolution eventually lead to indoor plumbing, but some still long for the simpler times when business was taken care of in the forest.


11. Vernon, Vermont — $250,000. View photos of this carpet store in a home here.

This lovely home comes with a large master bedroom, two baths, and a carpet store inside. So even think you’re going to put hardwood floors in because that would be silly.


12. San Pedro, California — $410,000. View photos of the rest of the home here.

The reaction was mixed for this Louis Vuitton-themed paint job, but the condo sold quickly and the listing was featured in everything from Curbed Los Angeles to StyleBistro.

13. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — $1,850,000. View photos of the rest of the home here.

Dogs routinely appear in listing photos (more proof), but they’re not usually captured during such private moments.


14. Mars, As In The Red Planet–$30,000. View photos of the rest of the home here.

Ok, we made this one up as a marketing ploy.


15. North Hills, California–$2,600,000. View photos of the rest of the home here.

Some have speculated this was taken by the backup camera from a Toyota Prius. If successful, this could prove to be an incredible time saver for real estate photographers.

16. Chicago, Illinois — $289,000. View photos of the rest of the home here.

A lack of ceiling or walls is still no excuse not to stage a room for a listing photo.

17. McLean, Virginia–$2,899,000. View the rest of the home here.

Jules Verne crash lands in Camelot?


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