Use The Force: Star Wars House


Designed by the team at Korean architecture firm Moon Hoon, this Star Wars inspired dwelling is the beginning of a trend in Korea. This trend sees residents moving away from small apartments in the city, and into larger, detached homes in less densely populated areas. One quick glance at the home’s spaceship like facade, and you know exactly how it got its name. Geometrically, the Star Wars house has almost the same lines as the Sandcrawler from the beginning of A New Hope, but the exterior has a texture that is closer to the militaristic gray skin of the Death Star. Moon Hoon says that the house was designed for a young South Korean family looking to upgrade from an apartment to a small residential home with a garden for their children to play in. On the inside, Moon Hoon’s design is a little less evocative of the George Lucas aesthetic: it’s bright, open, and modern. It contains a few playful elements, like a playroom hidden behind a bookcase and a short slide between floors, but the white walls and combination pine-and-birch woodwork are otherwise pretty conventional. According to Moon Hoon, the Star Wars house cost $200,000 to design and build. Not a bad price for a home, let alone a piece of a galaxy far, far away.

 star_wars_house_14 star_wars_house_01 star_wars_house_02 star_wars_house_03 star_wars_house_03a star_wars_house_08 star_wars_house_10 star_wars_house_09

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