Tiny Cabin Can Be Moved and Placed Anywhere

Eco-Friendly-CabinGetting away from it all once in a while is something that we all look forward to, but a getaway that can be delivered to wherever you are? That’s just brilliant. ESCAPE is handcrafted from Wisconsin pine and designed by the folks at Canoe Bay. It isn’t a mobile home or an RV, exactly – it’s a beautiful, relaxing cabin that can be driven to and dropped off at your chosen destination.

dining area escape cabin

Clocking in at just 400 square feet, the space in the cabin is used wisely to maximize the amount of functionality in the small area. Vaulted ceilings go a long way toward making the cabin feel much larger.

bedroom escape cabin canoe bay

The ESCAPE is environmentally friendly and energy-conscious. It’s made of sustainable materials and the interior features Energy Star appliances and LED lighting.

canoe bay escape cabin

Fully assembled when it gets to you, all you have to do hook the Escape up to utilities and get ready for some serious relaxation. A screened-in porch with a heated bed let you relax close to nature, even when the nights get a bit chilly. A fireplace lets you warm up the place even more.

interior escape cabin

Although the ESCAPE can be moved and set up anywhere, it’s not exactly a mobile home. It has to be moved like a manufactured home and is meant to stay in one place for long periods of time. That means you just have to find your perfect vacation spot and set down the ESCAPE, then get ready for years of simple but luxurious enjoyment.

floor plan canoe bay escape cabin

Cabins this remarkable don’t come cheap, but at a starting price of $79,000 it’s cheaper than a high-end RV. And perhaps the added value of not having to find a spot with electricity and plumbing to park your RV is worth the cost.

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