The C.24: A Two Octave Wireless Music Keyboard for iPad.

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What is the C.24?  

The C.24 is a two octave wireless music keyboard designed for iPad. The ultra portable C.24 transforms from a protective cover into a piano-style keyboard at the touch of a spring-loaded latch.

Keyboard performance

The use of anti-polarity magnets creates the semi-weighted feel of the keyboard. By using magnets instead of traditional springs reliability and longevity are extended.

Each key press is sensed by an infrared emitter detector pair providing real time analog position data. Optical key tracking technology delivers MIDI velocity, monophonic aftertouch as well as detailed performance capabilities.

Detail of magnets under keys
Detail of magnets under keys

Capacitive modulation

Just above the keyboard is the capacitive ribbon controller. The ribbon extends across the width of the keyboard and is divided into two regions, each with 32 embedded LEDs for visual feedback. The left region is configured to function as eight buttons, by default assigned to shift the keyboard’s octave assignment. The right region is designed for analog expression such as pitch bend.

LEDs in capacitive controller
LEDs in capacitive controller

We didn’t stop at keys and ribbon controls…

Our team designed an open standard for hardware expansion modules.Tactile controls such as knobs, faders and XY pads will be available in the future. This allows you to configure your C.24 based on your performance requirements. Third parties have already started work on innovative modules.

Communication and compatibility

The C.24 communicates to the iPad via Bluetooth Low Energy. We developed an open standard for CoreMIDI over Bluetooth. This technology can be used by any developer to transmit and receive MIDI wirelessly to compatible iOS devices.

KEY app

Miselu’s KEY application makes it possible to use Bluetooth devices to make music. KEY allows you to assign your keyboard’s output to any CoreMIDI compatible iOS application. You can also save presets, allowing you to quickly change your setup during a performance.

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