Stunning Curved Architecture Rises Among the Trees

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 8.10.28 AMYou can see the love of nature and organic shapes at first glance. Look more closely at this Wisconsin home and you’ll also see amazing flow

These homeowners are building the dream house of a lifetime, which takes time, patience and flexibility. Not just on their part, but on the part of their architect as well. It’s so fitting that they found architect Robert Oshatz, who rolls with his clients’ needs, letting the house evolve as they progress through the design process.

So far this unique lakeside home has taken two years to design and two and a half years to build, and that’s just phase one of construction. Designed to fit into the wooded slope along the shores of a Wisconsin lake, the organic architecture evolved from responding to its surroundings and the needs of the family, which was growing as the house went up. The result is a home that is continuous from room to room and from indoors to out.

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