Spring Patio Spiff-Ups: 12 Doable DIY Projects for Your Outdoor Space

Prettify your porch or patio with these time-sensitive decorating boosts you can do yourself.

With advance planning and perhaps a few friends to help (bribe them with dinner out), you can make a big difference in your patio in a single weekend. Arranged from fast and easy (hang lanterns, make a repurposed table) to more time- and labor-intensive (create a canopy, paint the floor) projects, these DIYs are sure to offer something to suit your time commitment and style.


 As the weather improves, take the opportunity to enjoy your outdoor spaces. A little tweak here and there can make a big difference.

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  1. I love both of these patio spaces! The second one offers a Zen feel, and the first, a romantic one. I really want a patio that makes a statement and have been considering concrete paint, however I have attempted that on my own before and it was not pretty. Is this an epoxy paint on the concrete (bottom image) i am just curious if i need to resurface my patio, or if I could hire a professional to achieve this look with paint? Thanks for the ideas.

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