Spectacular Three-Story Bachelor Mansion in Los Angeles

bachelor-mansionThis luxury villa of Beverly Hills is a tasty tribute to contemporary architecture. The alchemy of the volumes, illuminated streams, the sweeping glass walls, the juxtaposition of stone and mahogany and many other elements combine to provide a full picture of magic, Where the border between dream and reality becomes very thin. It could not be otherwise, given that the house league to its origins Yechiel “Eli” Yogev, author of the Caltrans Los Angeles. One of the most characteristic is the ladder that connects the three levels, whose sculptural style leaves you speechless. The cellar, With 500 bottles, Has an artistic cut, which confirms the attention paid to all rooms. Then there is the rooftop pool, whose water is a poem full dialectic, which does not go unnoticed, regardless of personal taste. This masterpiece Finely articulated, explores a new vocabulary for seduce with a strong emotional charge. The result is breathtaking, as is the price: 12.1 million dollars.

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