Serene Concrete Monolith is a Secluded Paradise in the City

breeze-housePeople who wish to live in the heart of the city often have to give up certain luxuries, one of which being the feeling of one’s home being a totally private retreat. The Breeze House by Artechnic gives that feeling of a private retreat despite its location directly in the midst of Toky0, one of the busiest cities in the world.

The Breeze House achieves its feeling of seclusion by a twofold method. First, the rather unremarkable concrete exterior becomes a part of the scenery rather than standing out and looking distinct.

Secondly, the home includes a sort of buffering zone. The monolithic exterior walls hide a void – a pillow of space that insulates the interior home from the city on the outside.

According to the architect, this configuration creates a space that is somewhat like a peaceful private beach enclosed by a tall rock cliff.

Once inside the home, the space is surprisingly open, sunny, and airy. The concrete used in the exterior walls is carried on into the interior, coupling with metal and wood to create a modern, minimal space.

The home features multiple stories with multiple individual living units. Because the architect did not want the second and third floor apartments to face the street, he created light courts between each unit, providing lovely exterior views for each unit that do not include any views of the street.

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