Pure Genius Hardwood Flooring: Purifies Your Air

pure geniusThe trappings of modern home life tend to come with some rather distasteful side effects, like the carcinogens that can be released from certain synthetic materials for the entire life of the products. Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood Flooring has come up with a seriously genius way to make our homes safer: floors that act as air purifiers.

hardwood floors purify air

lauzon air purifying hardwood floors

Many of us already have purifiers in our homes, but they can be noisy, intrusive, and downright ugly. The Pure Genius line of purifying hardwood floors is activated by light and actively filters out harmful elements to turn them into harmless molecules. According to the manufacturers, the smart flooring can make indoor air up to 85% cleaner.

air purifying flooring

The intelligent flooring works using a patented system involving titanium dioxide. The flooring takes in molecules of mold, airborne viruses and bacteria, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), then releases them as harmless, breathable air. After just 30 days with Pure Genius flooring, a home’s formaldehyde levels can be reduced to six times lower than the typical home.

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