Open-PlanTerraced Townhouse

Restricted on both sides, contiguous townhouses present a fascinating set of architectural issues, not least of which is natural lighting. In this renovation, a series of floating platforms helps solve this perennial problem.

renovatefd home open plan

Redesigned by  RichardHO Architects (images by Vineyard Production), the structure itself was deemed sound but the spatial configurations were simply not conducive to modern living. Their solution involved opening up living, dining and kitchen areas to form continuous volumes, making the entire place feel more spacious but also letting light in from the front, back and above via skylights and air wells.

renovated interior exterior design

Perhaps the most stunning feature is the central pool which serves to anchor the core of the living area and sits at the bottom of a multi-story atrium, providing a conceptual and actual nexus of activity, air and light.

renovatd master bed bath

Meanwhile, peripheral spaces including master bedrooms and bathroom enjoy direct access to windows and decks and a degree of privacy and separation from the otherwise-open approach.

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