Kitchen Counters: Try an Integrated Cutting Board for Easy Food Prep

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 8.38.09 AMKeep knife marks in their place and make dicing and slicing more convenient with an integrated butcher block or cutting board

Last weekend I caught my husband as he was about to slice some cheese. With a butcher knife. On the coffee table. Using only the parchment paper in which it was wrapped to protect the surface. Yeah, I know. I caught him as he was cutting the cheese. Hilarious. Although it certainly wouldn’t have been if he’d left knife marks on the coffee table.

And yet I think there are probably a lot of homes in which a careless or harried cook has inadvertently left knife marks on a table or countertop. Fortunately, adding an integrated cutting surface can be an effective preventative measure, particularly in small or modern kitchens, where leaving the board sitting out creates clutter. Because why use the coffee table to slice up a snack when the kitchen island is one big butcher block?

With that in mind, here are eight integrated cutting surfaces to help keep knife-mark accidents at bay.

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