Killer Kitchen: Pattern and Color Splashes in Seattle

Despite its modern patterned floor and bright orange backsplash, this kitchen has some surprisingly traditional roots. Built in 1917, this Seattle home previously had only one owner, who had done minimal updates over the years. Although the clients didn’t want to keep the rusted metal cabinetry or barely functioning stove, they still wanted to honor the home’s history. Designer Laura Zecke used salvaged materials, dressed up the original floors and framed found art to combine the past with the present in this warm and beautiful design.

Killer kitchenLocation: Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington
Size: 200 square feet

Killer kitchen 2The original kitchen had a massive 1950s-style stove, with the burners in a drawer. The clients weren’t able to salvage it, but they still wanted to honor the original kitchen in some way. During demolition, they found a bunch of old newspapers in the cabinets, and framed a few select clippings as wall art. The colors in the framed advertisement next to the stove inspired the bright orange of the new $3,000 Blue Star range and glass-painted backsplash.

The original fir floors have a beautiful honey color, but there were some very damaged sections. The homeowners liked the floor’s patina but wanted to distract from the ruined parts. After the first coat of finish, Zeck painted large stenciled sections onto the floor in the same light gray as the walls, then put on two more coats of finish.

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