Is your home show ready? Make Yours A Buyer Ready Home

home-puzzle.jpgSpring is approaching and many home owners are considering putting their home on the market.  Now is the time to assess if your home is ready to show to buyers.  There is nothing more  frustrating then having a seller call, tell me they have been thinking they want to sell their home for months and want to list it tomorrow.  80% of the time their home is not ready to show.

kitchen clutterThis is a kitchen that was presented for sale and showings.  Would you want buyers to walk into this kitchen for a showing?

The Buyer Ready Home

A buyer ready home is where we have consulted with the seller and based upon their budget and desirability to do some work we prepare the home for showings.  In my listings we stage to “merchandise your home”.  Home staging is not about decorating but about presenting your home to buyers in the best possible light to potential buyers, based upon what we are seeing in the market place.

A Buyer Ready Home will be:

  • Spotlessly clean from top to bottom.
  • Free from all personal collections, photos and style.
  • De-cluttered.
  • Paint freshened and neutralized where necessary.
  • Any small repairs completed.
  • Maximum curb appeal obtained from the moment the potential buyers get out of their car to walking in the front door.  The first impression is the lasting impression.

Remember, every home is different, the list above is a great starting point before even calling a real estate agent.  Many of my more successful home sales have been a carefully executed plan where the homeowner contacted me months in advance of listing their home.

Buyer Ready Homewill in most cases, recoup monies spent and make the selling process easier.

Other benefits of a Buyer Ready Home:

  • Sell faster.  A home that is prepared for showings tend to sell faster.
  • Less hassle.  A home that is desirable because of it’s appeal will create a strong desire and will allow you to pick your buyers.  If your home stands out in the crowd a buyer will want to not lose the deal over strong negotiating.
  • Creates competition. Having buyers compete for your home is the most desirable position you can be in as a home seller.

Take the time to prepare your home properly and make it a Buyer Ready Home.  In the long run it will save you time money and aggravation.

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