Industrial Materials Create a Low-Impact Home

Building a residence in the flight path of a nearby airport would be intimidating to a lot of families, but one couple trusted just such a project to East Hampton, NY-based Maziar Behrooz Architecture.

The Arc House plays on the lot’s proximity to the airport by using industrial building techniques. The visually striking sloped roof resembles an airplane hangar and houses all of the home’s public areas.

The living, dining and kitchen areas are all snugly contained beneath the curved roof, making each area feel far roomier than one might expect from such an intimate space.

Air circulation was a particular concern in all parts of the home, so ample windows allow for both sunlight and air to permeate every room. The arc shape of the home and the materials used to create it all significantly cut down on the energy used, making it a beautifully eco-friendly abode.

Just beneath the kitchen and living areas, the lower level contains an office, home gym, sitting area, garage and private courtyard. The suspended staircase leading down to the lower level is one of the showcases of this impressive abode.

A long hallway connects the public area of the house to the bedrooms, which are in an adjacent flat-roofed structure. The architects used materials that would leave open the option to add on extra bedrooms if the couple so desires in the future. See it here.

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