How to Get Along With the Neighbors — and Live Happier at Home


Seeing people bringing a tall ladder or power tool from a neighbor’s house to theirs is a common sight on my block. In the evenings many of us sit outside on the front porch relaxing, and catch up with others who walk by with their dogs or are just out for an evening stroll. When our chickens escaped into a neighbor’s yard, not only were they not angry, but they helped me round up the hens and toss them back over the fence.

Getting along (or not getting along) with neighbors can make a huge impact on our daily lives and how we feel about our home and neighborhood. Whether you live in the city, the country or somewhere in between, learning the art of being neighborly is something that can benefit us all. Here are eight ways to navigate the etiquette of being a good neighbor. When you’re done reading, go pour yourself something tasty to drink and sit on the porch for a spell.

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