How to Declutter and Create a Capsule Wardrobe

closetNeed a gentle nudge to clear the decks? Join the ‘less is more’ tribe and pare back your clothing and shoes

An excessive number of jackets, shoes and clothes in general is a prime culprit for messy bedrooms, hallways and closets. A collapsing, heaving wall-mounted coat rack was my own personal sign that I needed to aim for a more minimal wardrobe, but your reasons may be different. Perhaps you’re moving and want to streamline your belongings? Maybe you’re curious about Marie Kondo’s KonMari organizing method after having chats with converted friends? Or perhaps you’re just sick of taking forever to choose your clothes and get dressed in the morning. Paring down your wardrobe is a cleansing and liberating experience. Plus it creates more space. Give the following steps a try this weekend to kick-start a simpler outlook on life.

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