How to appeal property taxes online in King County

Snoopy dog houseNow homeowners in King County can view and appeal their county taxes online, reports The Seattle Times. A newly unveiled county website,, serves as the portal for residents to view their property values by address and determine whether an appeal would be worth their time and effort. The site provides the following:

  • Access to the history of valuation and past payments made
  • Access to the information used by tax assessors to value the home
  • Ability to determine the amount of savings based on a lower valuation
  • Ability to file an appeal online at no charge

King County Assessor Lloyd Hara says that the county is “trying to provide an opportunity to allow citizens to take a look and to see whether or not they’ve been fairly valued each year.”

Homeowners who choose to appeal their assessments must do so within 60 days of the mailing date shown on the Official Property Value Notice.

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