Greenhouses of the Future, Growing Food Without Soil | Où se trouve: Lufa Farms

Using city rooftops to grow healthy sustainable food.
Learn how Lufa Farms is using technology and automation to grow fresh food daily with no soil, no pesticides, less water and zero waste.
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Montreal is home to many high tech companies and when it comes to the food industry, it makes no exception. Lufa Farms is spearheading the urban agriculture movement by pushing technology to the cutting edge, producing fresh produce right in the city center of Montreal.

In this episode of Où se trouve, we follow Mohamed Hage (CEO of Lufa Farms) and Simon Garneau on an in depth, educational tour of their state of the art facilities. Learn how they are producing vegetables without soil, how they manage pest control without herbicides or fungicides and how they conserve water in a more environmentally sustainable way than a conventional farm.
What’s most impressive, is they’re doing it all on Montreal island, right in the city – so the food they make is delivered to their customers in the best condition and at it’s freshest.

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