10 Gadgets for Your High-Tech Home

high tech homeThere’s a reason we flip through Skymall every time we board a flight, dog-earing catalogue pages with giant floating trampolines and vibrating bath mats — we love novelty, and now we expect it from our gadgets, too.

We carry around a ton of digital capability in our smartphones, so now we demand the same intelligence from our homes. These 10 gadgets will optimize, simplify and beautify your home — that is, if you can afford the price tags. Yeesh.

What was your favorite tech purchase for the home? Share your go-to products in the comments below.

1. Kohler Numi Toilet


Kohler’s eco-friendly Numi toilet is stylishly efficient for the modern bathroom. It features a motion-activated seat and lid, multi-option bidet wand and air dryer, deodorizing charcoal filter, illuminated panels and foot warmer. And whoever said bathroom appliances were boring hasn’t experiences Numi’s music feature — built-in speakers play your tunes via a (remote) docking station.

Price: $4,990

2. Netatmo Weather Station


Monitor your environment with this personal weather station by Netatmo. The sleek device will take readings such as air quality, humidity, carbon dioxide, indoor/outdoor temperature and even noise pollution. Receive notifications in real time via your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, and follow data fluctuation to assess and optimize your home over time.

Price: $179

3. Airocide Air Purifier


Designed by NASA scientists, the Airocide purifies toxins in the air that can worsen symptoms of asthma or allergies. Instead of filters, the device uses nanotechnology to oxidize pathogens at a molecular level, via two catalytic reaction chambers. It’s a bonus that Airocide looks like a piece of modern art, complete with discreet touch controls.

Price: $799

4. CalypsoKey and Case


These days, you’re more likely to forget your house keys than your smartphone. Eliminate the worry by combining the two into one — CalypsoKey lives inside its own special iPhone case. Tapping the case to its corresponding access point will activate near-field communication technology and a dual-band RFID antenna — and unlock the door.

Price: 99 EUR, approx. $128. Third-party lock sold separately.

5. Digital Habit(s) iOS Dock/Mirror


Either buy the kit or create your own Digital Habit(s) docking mirror — it’s all open-source. The basic product slides open to dock your iPhone or iPod and play music. Simply wave your hand under the mirror, where the motion-activated sensors live, to switch tracks or adjust volume.

Price: 399 EUR, approx. $518

6. Husqvarna Automower Solar Hybrid


Mowing the lawn no longer requires killer triceps. The robot Husqvarna Automower does all the work for you, much like a Roomba for your grass. Plus, in the right light conditions, its solar panel can maintain a battery charge for lawns of up to 6,890 square feet.

Price: Approx. $3,000

7. Zeta Fireplace


This chic fireplace looks like something you would bring to work. Encased in leather and molded from a titanium interior, the fireplace is portable, so you can enjoy its looks and warmth in every room.

Price: $10,900

8. Oras Eterna Smart Shower


Primarily designed for efficiency and water conservation, this shower incorporates impressive technology, too. A green light indicates you beat the recommended two-minute shower. Need more time with the suds? A red light indicates you’ve showered beyond your share. A simple touch interface switches flow from showerhead to spout wash, and precise temperature adjustments ensure your family won’t scald or freeze.

Price: Upon request.

9. Solar-Powered Sun Table


Place the weather-resistant Sun Table in direct sunlight for four hours to reach a full charge. Then move it anywhere you need power — its inverter will juice your laptops, cellphones, lights, etc.

Price: $2,200

10. Winbot Robot Window Cleaner


Simply fill the Winbot with cleaning solution,  attach to a window and press power. The little gadget will determine the size of glass and map a cleaning path. It cleans your windows in three stages: spray, squeegee and wipe, all while you cool your heels nearby.

Price: $400

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