Floating in the Forest: Modern Treehouse with Ocean Views

TreehousePerched on the hillside just above the tree line, with expansive views of the sea, this modern residence is open to the mild Costa Rican climate. Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture raised the home on pillars rather than cutting into the steeply sloped site, saving on construction costs and giving it the feel of a tree house.
Floating Modern Treehouse 1

Floating Modern Treehouse 2

Not only does this optimize views of the Pacific, it also allows the home to have a smaller environmental impact on the site. Made almost entirely of wood, ‘Casa Flotanta’ blends in with its tropical surroundings, feeling almost like a natural part of the forest.

Floating Modern Treehouse 3

The residence is made up of three individual cabins connected by an outdoor walkway. The volumes are staggered to follow the contours of the land, maintaining sight of the ocean from each room. Interior walls made of bamboo provide privacy while also letting in a little bit of light.

Floating Modern Treehouse 4

Wooden shutters leading to the zig-zag shaped terrace let the breeze from the ocean ventilate the interior, and can be closed during a storm or when the owners are away.

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