Dream Spaces: 14 Fabulous Indoor-Outdoor Bathrooms

outdoor bathroomDisappearing walls put these baths in Mother Nature’s lap, counting tranquil views and fresh air as the best luxuries of all

The modern bathroom has become a retreat in today’s busy world, a refuge from the stress of overscheduled lives. The best ones are filled with luxurious touches — steam showers, soaking tubs, TVs and surround sound — plus elegant materials like rich woods and earthy stones.

But if I were designing my dream bath, I know what I’d put at the top of my wish list: a way to bring the outdoors in. I’m talking about adding glass walls and a glass door to the shower, or setting a freestanding tub on a deck (or in a garden) so I could admire the view while I soak. Imagine what it would be like to hear birdsong or the rustle of the trees as you lather up, or smell the roses (or whatever else is blooming) while you loll in the tub.

Not surprisingly, these baths work best in balmy climates. I’m stuck on the snowy East Coast these days, but it’s always fun to daydream. So join me: Check out these 14 bright and airy baths, all designed to showcase Mother Nature’s best work.

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