Concrete & Glass: Marvelous Multi-Level Mansion


In the lovely green Mediterranean setting of El Sauzal, Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canary Islands, the G House from architect Esaú Acosta nestles into a cozy spot between the mountains and the sea.The G House was built on a small 6.5 meter wide plot of land in an area where there are no legal limits on the size and shape of homes – meaning that it had to be squeezed in between existing irregular plots.interior-courtyard-468x317 rooftop-green-space-468x585 entrance-courtyard-468x462 first-floor-g-house-468x267However, the lack of horizontal space wasn’t a hindrance to the architect. He simply built down a bit, then very carefully arranged each element of the home to provide maximum space and maximum privacy. Three stacked volumes of different lengths hold – from the ground up – the entrance courtyard/garage, living/dining areas, and sleeping quarters.

g-house-canary-islands-468x312stacked-volumes-468x736 stairway-468x350 stairway-leading-to-interior-courtyard-468x351

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