Art Deco & Modern Style In Glamorous Master Bath

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With a freestanding tub, meticulously cut tiles and a spacious walk-in shower, this St. Louis bathroom blends elegance and functionality.

After living in a Victorian-era home with tiny bathrooms and cramped shower-tubs, a St. Louis family was craving something more luxurious. For three years the owners dreamed and planned, finally building an addition that included a luxurious new art deco–inspired bathroom.

Art deco was an apt choice. Achieving popularity a few decades after the decline of the Victorian era, deco was glamorous and less fussy than its predecessor, but still richly detailed, lending itself to a cleaner, brighter look that jibes with the bathroom’s spaciousness and modern-day functionality. It also makes it seem as though the house and the new addition evolved slowly over the past hundred-plus years, as opposed to an obviously contemporary design that would have contrasted with the rest of the home.

“The style of the bathroom blends the elegant and romantic feeling of the Victorian-era home and their modern needs,” says Joni Spear, the interior designer on the project.

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