6 Most Typical Features of Luxury Homes

The-Ridges-luxury-homesLuxury homes have some great features that can make the people who live there more comfortable and give them more great facilities. There are a lot of things that they can do and when you have lots of money, you can virtually do whatever you want. Some examples can be found below.

Spa-Like Bathrooms

A typical bathroom tends to be just a loo, sink, shower and/or bath but a luxury house will have some really lovely features. You can find a sauna, hot tub or even a small pool in some bathrooms. Extra luxurious features can include towel warming drawers and electric floor heating from Warmyourfloor.com.

spa bathroom

Having a warm space can make such a difference as it is much easier to relax when it is warmer. The design of the bathroom also adds to its luxury with beautiful floor and wall tiles, soft and fluffy towels and robes and lovely smelling bath products.

Home Automation and Control System

Having things in your home that make life easier can be the height of luxury. For example, having electric gates at the end of the drive, so not only do you have security, but easy access. Automatic garage doors can also make life a lot easier when you are entering and leaving.

luxury gate

Inside the house having a home lighting system and an entertainment system that can be controlled remotely can make things easy and fun for everyone. Having a home automation system can mean that switching lights, heating and music on and off in a large home is a lot easier.

Outdoor Kitchen

All the great chefs have an outdoor cooking area it seems. A stone oven outside or barbecue area and it can be a great way to entertain. Topped with a stylish eating area, lovely cooking equipment and some ground heating, you do not even need to rely on the weather being that good.

outdoor kitchen

Having friends over for a meal can be a completely different experience when you are outside, enjoying the fresh air and admiring the garden. You may need a gardener though, to make sure that everything looks great before your friends arrive.

Custom Lighting

If you want to make a feature of something in your home or just make your room look different, then some custom lighting can do the trick. Buying off the shelf lights may not give the effect that you want and so getting someone in to design lights that fit in with your room and the design of the house can really make a room look very different.

room lighting control

It can make as big a change to a room as redecorating or new furniture can as you can play around with color and brightness as well as the direction of the beams of light. Having the right lights both inside the house and on the outside can make a really big difference to the look and feel of the house.

Walk in Closet

We have all seen films where rich American women have huge walk in closets. These are necessary to store all of the designer clothes, shoes and handbags that a wealthy lifestyle needs.

walk in closet

Keeping everything look neat and tidy is essential and you will need to keep it all in order so you know where everything is. Shelves, drawers and hanging space all will need to be incorporated in order to make sure everything has the perfect place. These can be custom built to fit in the space that you have available.

Home Theatre Room

To see all of the latest films in luxury then a home theatre is a must. To have a big screen so that you can view your favorite movies in the way you would at a cinema is the ultimate luxury. You will need plush seating and some rooms even come with a popcorn machine or snack dispenser so you get the ultimate cinema feel but in the privacy of your own house.

luxury home theater

Whether you choose to have a few sofas in front of a screen or rows of cinema style seating will depend on whether you want to be able invite a big group of friends over or just have private family viewings.

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