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Inventory Drops Again, Sales Slow

  • Existing Home Sales are now at an annual pace of 5.52 million.
  • Inventory of existing homes for sale dropped to a 4.3-month supply, marking the 25thmonth in a row of declines.
  • The median price of homes sold in June was $263,800. This is the 64th consecutive month of year-over-year price gains.

Clever Storage Box Divide a Bathroom and Laundry Area

bath storageNatural light and smart space-planning turn 165 square feet into a multifunctional, spa-like retreat

When a young couple moved from Australia to the Little Italy district of Toronto, they found a charming home nearly 100 years old and chock-full of charm.

There was just one problem, but it was a big one. The only full bathroom in the home was also the laundry room and, to put it mildly, it was a design disaster. Turning to Houzz for advice, they quickly found Gloria Apostolou of post Architecture, who had a stellar vision for how to divide and conquer in the small space.

“Originally, they thought they wanted two rooms, and I showed them an option for that,” Apostolu says. “But with only 165 square feet to work with, I thought that dividing the one room into two spaces — without any walls, just millwork — might be a better solution. Luckily, they agreed.”

10 Things Clean Freaks Know to Be True

cleanAre you completely committed to domestic cleanliness? Then you may recognize some of these spotless truths

Most of us enjoy a clean home, but not all of us manage to maintain one every day. Clean freaks, however, put the quest for cleanliness above other, more trivial ways of spending time. For them, a spotless home is the zenith of achievement. Read on for some clean freak wisdom.

10 Tile Layouts You Haven’t Thought Of

tile patternsConsider fish scales, hopscotch and these other patterns for an atypical arrangement for your next project

We’ve all seen subway tile in a brick layout or elegant floors in a herringbone pattern. But your floor tiles can be laid out in so many more patterns than the few rectangular classics we see time and time again. If you’ve got a unique design desire, try one of these uncommon layout ideas to get a look that’s beautifully true to you.

An Analysis of the Beatles

The Beatles have so many great songs, to the point that I`ve started to wonder how these four ordinary British blokes managed to write so many No.1 hits.  As it turns out they were not so ordinary.  Lennon and McCartney led the way in songwriting, crooning about love all the way to to the top of the charts.

The Beatles are without a doubt one of the most influential rock bands in the history of mankind. Radio stations still play their songs and their catchy lyrics never get old.  Yesterday, Hey Jude, Penny Love, are just some of many songs you will hear on your everyday commute to work.

But they were also so much more than a band; they were cultural icons. It goes without saying that Lennon, McCartney, Ringo, and Harrison were extremely talented individuals, well deserving of their place in history (see our illustration of rock music history here).



9 DIY tips for cleaning your car with baking soda DIY_Car_Cleaning_Tips_With_Baking_Sodasource:

Oregon’s Invisible Beauty

invisible oregonInvisible Oregon is a stunning time-lapse film shot entirely with infrared converted cameras, uncovering a landscape that’s out of reach of ordinary human sight.  “Invisible Oregon is a study of light across time and space,” wrote the filmmaker Sam Forencich. “As the sun rises over the state of Oregon, infrared light travels across the earth revealing the subtleties of new growth and the dramatic intersection of sky and earth.” Forencich is a photographer for the National Basketball Association by day, and experiments with different types of filmmaking in his spare time. The sound design for Invisible Oregon was done by his son, Travis Forencich.

What Is Dodd-Frank and Why Does Trump Want to Repeal It?

Trump campaigned on deregulating Wall Street, saying that regulations are “killing our country and our jobs.” He wants to repeal Dodd-Frank, the 2010 law that tried to reign in the banks after the financial crisis. What exactly does Dodd-Frank do? And is the president right that it threatens the American economy?