Clever Storage Box Divide a Bathroom and Laundry Area

bath storageNatural light and smart space-planning turn 165 square feet into a multifunctional, spa-like retreat

When a young couple moved from Australia to the Little Italy district of Toronto, they found a charming home nearly 100 years old and chock-full of charm.

There was just one problem, but it was a big one. The only full bathroom in the home was also the laundry room and, to put it mildly, it was a design disaster. Turning to Houzz for advice, they quickly found Gloria Apostolou of post Architecture, who had a stellar vision for how to divide and conquer in the small space.

“Originally, they thought they wanted two rooms, and I showed them an option for that,” Apostolu says. “But with only 165 square feet to work with, I thought that dividing the one room into two spaces — without any walls, just millwork — might be a better solution. Luckily, they agreed.”

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