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Kitchen Counters: Try an Integrated Cutting Board for Easy Food Prep

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 8.38.09 AMKeep knife marks in their place and make dicing and slicing more convenient with an integrated butcher block or cutting board

Last weekend I caught my husband as he was about to slice some cheese. With a butcher knife. On the coffee table. Using only the parchment paper in which it was wrapped to protect the surface. Yeah, I know. I caught him as he was cutting the cheese. Hilarious. Although it certainly wouldn’t have been if he’d left knife marks on the coffee table.

And yet I think there are probably a lot of homes in which a careless or harried cook has inadvertently left knife marks on a table or countertop. Fortunately, adding an integrated cutting surface can be an effective preventative measure, particularly in small or modern kitchens, where leaving the board sitting out creates clutter. Because why use the coffee table to slice up a snack when the kitchen island is one big butcher block?

With that in mind, here are eight integrated cutting surfaces to help keep knife-mark accidents at bay.

Floating Home Sits Atop Glass


Typically, a home has a layer that can be considered a base or foundation, and above that there are levels which can be designated as public and/or private living spaces. And for the most part, we know what to expect from those levels: wider on the bottom and narrower near the top, since that’s what physics and engineering tell us makes sense. clear-middle-layer-be-house

The BE House in Paredes, Portugal turns that expectation upside-down. Designed by Portuguese firm spaceworkers, the three-level home features what appears to be an impossible middle layer made entirely of glass. The glass level is actually smaller than the overhanging enclosed layer, making the house appear to be precariously stacked out of order.

be-house-see-through-middle-level deck-be-houseglass-second-level half-indoor-pool upper-level

Amazing Dream Headboards

Let your imagination run wild creating a unique look in a bedroom. Obviously, the first one is my favorite!
0003-Amazing-Head-Boards-for-your-Bed-Rooms-230013-Amazing-Head-Boards-for-your-Bed-Rooms-12 0014-Amazing-Head-Boards-for-your-Bed-Rooms-11 0015-Amazing-Head-Boards-for-your-Bed-Rooms-10 0016-Amazing-Head-Boards-for-your-Bed-Rooms-9 0017-Amazing-Head-Boards-for-your-Bed-Rooms-8 0018-Amazing-Head-Boards-for-your-Bed-Rooms-7 0019-Amazing-Head-Boards-for-your-Bed-Rooms-6 0020-Amazing-Head-Boards-for-your-Bed-Rooms-5 0021-Amazing-Head-Boards-for-your-Bed-Rooms-4 0022-Amazing-Head-Boards-for-your-Bed-Rooms-3 0023-Amazing-Head-Boards-for-your-Bed-Rooms-2 0024-Amazing-Head-Boards-for-your-Bed-Rooms-1 0001-Amazing-Head-Boards-for-your-Bed-Rooms-25 0002-Amazing-Head-Boards-for-your-Bed-Rooms-24 0004-Amazing-Head-Boards-for-your-Bed-Rooms-22 0005-Amazing-Head-Boards-for-your-Bed-Rooms-21 0006-Amazing-Head-Boards-for-your-Bed-Rooms-20 0007-Amazing-Head-Boards-for-your-Bed-Rooms-19 0008-Amazing-Head-Boards-for-your-Bed-Rooms-18 0009-Amazing-Head-Boards-for-your-Bed-Rooms-17 0010-Amazing-Head-Boards-for-your-Bed-Rooms-15 0011-Amazing-Head-Boards-for-your-Bed-Rooms-14 0012-Amazing-Head-Boards-for-your-Bed-Rooms-13

7 Unusual Homes

Through history, houses have evolved from caves to lodges, from castles to mansions. And nowadays it seems like you can find an example of anything. Some people are forced to get creative because of restrictions – like small or unusual space – while others do so just because.Transaprent houseBelgium Tower Bubble Castle Converted Church Flinstone house Slim House Skateboard house

Choosing Your Room Colours


Cylinders: More Than Architects’ Pipe Dreams

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 8.54.26 AMThey may look fanciful, but cylinders can serve practical purposes in architectural designs

In the kit of parts of modern architecture, one finds plenty of boxes (especially glass ones) as well as gables and the occasional curve. But what about cylinders? Hearing of that form in regard to buildings probably brings to mind art deco architecture, a short-lived style that was popular in the early 20th century; it used rounded corners and cylinders to give the appearance of streamlined movement. Going further back in time, cylinders recall the turrets of medieval buildings and the grain silos of vernacular industrial buildings in America.

Nevertheless, cylinders have a place in architectural form making; they’re rare in modern and contemporary architecture but quite a statement when done successfully. This ideabook presents some cylinders from the outside and the inside.

Designs That Can Transform an Entry

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 7.51.55 AMTake your foyer from merely fine to fabulous with one brilliant touch

It takes a combination of many design elements to make a room beautiful and welcoming: things like color, scale, furniture, accessories, rugs and lighting. But even when all these things are executed well, there is often oneparticular thing that really kicks the room up a notch — that gives it that little something extra. Without this touch, the room would still be good but not great.

Today we will consider entry halls — with an eye toward that one particular thing that makes a difference.

Colors of Home: Improve Your Mood By Painting

Color of Home

Home Offices: 10 Ideas to Make an Open-Plan Office Work Hard

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 8.00.53 AMDon’t let your desk space be an afterthought – whether it’s hidden away or on display, here are some ways to integrate it seamlessly

Creating an office in an open-plan room is a great idea. Not only does it give your space an extra function, it forms a dedicated area for work projects, paperwork and bills – prone to spread around the house if not restrained! Whether you slot a study into an alcove, house it in a bay, or create a separate zone, make sure you choose colours and furniture that complement the rest of the room for an effortless look.