10 Ways to Do More With a Customized Workspace

Use a small space efficiently or get every last feature you desire. Custom desks and shelves make any home office work smarter

custom spacesWhy settle for a regular desk when your workspace can offer so much more beauty, space efficiency and flexibility? A custom or semicustom piece can suit your space and your style to a T — and may not even be in the home office at all, but in the kitchen, living room or bedroom. Check out these 10 innovative options, from console-style built-ins that can handle your computer and TV to multilevel work surfaces made to accommodate awkwardly placed windows, and slender L-shaped arrangements that can be tucked into the tiniest of spaces.

Kitchen designs, bathroom designs, and more ∨

Hire a decorator to find that sofas and a coffeetable for your living room.
Select outdoor patio furniture to match your style, garden sheds or even a backyard greenhouse to personalize your landscape.

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