10 Design Trends That Will Be Hot in 2013

home design trends1 Brass It’s having a comeback because it mixes well with other metals.
2 Elegant, Graceful Design Enough with the plain. Think pretty, classic fabrics.
3 Homey Kitchens The use of warm, modern materials. Think vintage & handmade.
4 Gloss Think high gloss, shiny, polished, lacquered!
5 Emphasis on Art Everyone will be focusing on art, it is so approachable!
6 Bright Colors Our rooms will be brighter and full of saturated hues – think Lifesavers.
7 Sophisticated Man Caves More upscale man caves, media rooms & outrageous wine cellars.
8 Antique furniture Mix beautiful old pieces with modern ones.
9 James Mont furniture Designers know about him, but this is the year that everyone else will!
10 Computer Generated Fabrics Photorealistic fabrics will soon be in living rooms!

Source: House Beautiful – January 2013

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