Working Tunes: What You Should Listen to on the Job [Infographic]

musicDepending on what type of job you might have, different songs and types of music can have varying effects on your productivity or working environment as a whole. For instance, while heavy metal might not be the best choice for, say, a kindergarten teacher, a trucker driving cross-country might benefit from the loud, fast music as it will help him stay alert and awake.

If you’re a desk jockey who works with boring numbers all day there is really nothing you shouldn’t listen to, as long as the song has a beat. If you’re working with programming, though, the ability to stay focused is important so you might want to skip over the heavier tracks or punk songs.

Today’s flowchart-style infographic comes from audio equipment outlet Sonos and gives you a chance to see what music might (and might not) be best-suited for your particular work environment.

For more examples and to see what tunes your job might be best suited for please refer to the infographic below. [Via]


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