What to Know About Using Reclaimed Wood in the Kitchen

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 4.07.54 PMOne-of-a-kind lumber warms a room and adds age and interest

Everyone is buzzing about reclaimed wood. But why, how and where should you use it? In the kitchen, there are plenty of fantastic opportunities, from floors and cabinets to island accents and floating shelves, all the way up to ceilings and ceiling beams. You can also add the material in furniture, accessories and light fixtures.

Why choose reclaimed wood in the kitchen? For one thing, lots of these woods are no longer available — today’s lumber comes from much younger, less dense trees. “The warmth from the natural colors from the reclaimed wood’s patina is remarkable, and the integrity of the wood due to the tree’s age is unmatched,” says Malachi Milbourn, who creates furniture from reclaimed wood. “We enjoy uncovering the character, texture and beauty that salvaged timber has to offer.” And so should you. Reclaimed wood will bring warmth, rustic charm, character and a sense of history to the heart of your home.

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