What It’s Really Like to Work With a Professional Home Organizer

A pro organizer tackles 10 questions about how the real-life organizing process may differ from what you see on TV

Professional home organizing is once again on home television and computer screens, thanks to the release of Get Organized With The Home Edit on Netflix. Have you watched the series?

In it, organizing duo Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin tackle projects at the homes of celebrities and regular folks. As Marie Kondo did in the popular Tidying Up With Marie Kondo series in 2019, the stars of Get Organized offer a look at how a home organizer might transform your home.

But just as many home renovation programs don’t accurately reflect the budget or timeframe involved in remodeling, viewers may wonder if the series reliably depicts what it’s like to work with a professional organizer. If you’re considering working with one, here are 10 questions to ask the organizer to learn about the process.

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